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ARCHER2 23-cabinet UM available

CMS is happy to announce that the UM infrastructure available on the 4-cabinet pilot ARCHER2 system is now ready for use on the full 23-cabinet system. UM suites that ran on the 4-cabinet system will require only minor modifications:

  • all suites will need changes to setting up the job environment through slightly modified invocations of module load
  • coupled suites will need to use a new moci module
  • coupled suites need modifications to their slurm hetjob configuration

CMS have re-written the suites listed at to incorporate the features listed above - these suites should serve as examples that you can follow to port your suites to the full system. has been updated to reflect use of the full ARCHER2 system as it stands - further information will be added as the system beds in.

Please note: /work on the 4-cabinet system is distinct from /work on the full system; it is your responsibility to move data between the two.

CMS Christmas Closure Dates

Over the Christmas Period there will be limited support available due to University closure dates and staff holidays.

20th-21st December - Limited support available

22nd December-4th January - No CMS support available

4th-7th January - Limited support available

NCAS-CMS wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

ARCHER2 23-cabinet system

The ARCHER2 23-cabinet system is now available. It will run in parallel with the 4-cabinet system that has been in use for the past year. CMS are working to migrate the UM and associated software to the new system. Users should take this opportunity to move data to the new machine.

We shall announce when the UM is ready for use on the 23-cabinet system.

New CMS Helpdesk

On Thurs 1st July 2021 the NCAS-CMS Modelling Helpdesk will move to a new Discourse Forum available at (Note new URL).

The current helpdesk will then become read-only. Any active queries will be moved to the new system.

To raise a query (topic) you will need to sign up for an account at the above URL.

Please read the following “Welcome” post for further information:

PUMA is back

PUMA was successfully rebooted and is now available for use again.