Mirroring Standard Ancillary Files

The UM requires ancillary files to run. These include the land-sea mask, the orography, vegetation and ozone ancillary files, among others.

The Met Office produces and maintains a standard set of ancillary files on their supercomputers in a comprehensive collection of directories known as the ancillary tree. There are sets of ancillary files for global and limited area domains. Currently, the global domains are: n2004, n216, n216e, n320, n48e, n512, n512e, n768e, n96, n96e. The limited area domains are: e4_11001000_euro, m4_288360_uk, my_600360_nae, ukv.

CMS mirror these monthly onto ARCHER. On ARCHER, the standard ancillary tree is stored in $UMDIR/ancil, a mirror of the corresponding directories at the Met Office.

The ancillary tree grew from 3.7 TB in December 2015 to 6.5 TB at July 2019.

Details of the method used to manage mirroring of the ancillary files can be found here.


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