Posts for the month of November 2015

Performance analysis and Optimisation of the Met Unified Model on a Cray XC30

Here we present results from the optimisation work carried out by the UK National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS) for a high resolution configuration (N512) on the UK ARCHER supercomputer, a Cray XC-30. On ARCHER, we use Cray Performance Analysis Tools (CrayPAT) to analyse the performance of UM and then Cray Reveal to identify and parallelise serial loops using OpenMP directives. We compare performance of the optimised version at a range of scales, and with a range of optimisations, including altered MPI rank placement, and addition of OpenMP directives.

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CAP9.0 Installed on ARCHER

The Central Ancillary Program (CAP) version ANCIL9.0 has now been installed on ARCHER. You can find the executables and scripts at $UMDIR/CAP9.0/build/bin. The scientific and technical guides can be found on the ​Met Office Science Repository.

As always, report any issues with this software to the CMS help desk.