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CMS closure dates

The CMS team will be unavailable from 22 December 2017 until 2 January 2018, due to University closure over the holiday period. We will deal with any helpdesk queries or other issues on our return. We wish you all an enjoyable holiday!

Christmas closure dates

Due to the University of Reading closure during the Christmas and New Year period, CMS will be unavailable from 23 December, returning on 3 January. Any helpdesk queries or other issues will be dealt with when we return. We wish you all a happy holiday!

UM Training November 2016

We recently ran the first, this academic year, of our popular 3 day UM Introduction courses. The course was attended by researchers from around the UK, as well as 3 participants from the US.

For the first time the course focused entirely on running the UM through the Rose/cylc interface. Attendees worked through a series of exercises designed to help users become familiar with the UM software, including how to diagnose common problems. We also had 2 very interesting science talks from Carol Halliwell and Sylvia Bohnenstengel of the Met Office.

The course was very well received with everyone who responded to our request for feedback (11 out of 19 participants) rating the lectures, practicals and facilities good or excellent.

The next course will run 29-31 March 2017, with registration opening in January 2017. For more details see:

Mule utilities available on ARCHER

The Met Office recently released version 1.3 of Mule. Mule is a Python API for reading & writing UM format files, and a set of utilities to replace the UM executables such as cumf and pumf.

For more information on Mule, see the user guide: (Note you will need a MOSRS account to view this page.)

Mule is available on ARCHER for the serial and login nodes. To use, a one-off setup step is required to add the Mule library to your Python path. For instructions see: wiki:ToolsAndUtilities/mule