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Mule utilities available on ARCHER

The Met Office recently released version 1.3 of Mule. Mule is a Python API for reading & writing UM format files, and a set of utilities to replace the UM executables such as cumf and pumf.

For more information on Mule, see the user guide: ​ (Note you will need a MOSRS account to view this page.)

Mule is available on ARCHER for the serial and login nodes. To use, a one-off setup step is required to add the Mule library to your Python path. For instructions see: wiki:ToolsAndUtilities/mule

CAP9.0 Installed on ARCHER

The Central Ancillary Program (CAP) version ANCIL9.0 has now been installed on ARCHER. You can find the executables and scripts at $UMDIR/CAP9.0/build/bin. The scientific and technical guides can be found on the ​Met Office Science Repository.

As always, report any issues with this software to the CMS help desk.

New Xconv version (1.93) released

A new version of xconv (1.93) has been released and the on-line documentation has been updated. Xconv documentation can be found here

Xconv 1.93 executables are available for the following platforms

  • Linux x86 64 bit
  • OS-X x86 32 bit
  • OS-X x86 64 bit

and can be downloaded from here