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#2513 new Egea plots Python, plots pending pmcguire project-task normal
#2516 'FLUXNET observations and point JULES model' comparison with global gridded JULES model Python, FLUXNET, global gridded JULES model accepted pmcguire project-task normal
#2838 help with enabling hourly plotting and analysis in JULES/FLUXNET suite, for CSSP/PORCELAIN hourly, daily, JULES, FLUXNET, Python, CSSP China, PORCELAIN accepted pmcguire project-task normal
#2851 No module names fluxnet_evaluation FLUXNET, JULES, Python, JASMIN accepted pmcguire help
#2857 ImportError: No module named matplotlib jasmin, python accepted pmcguire help
#2864 jules output files jasmin, python, jules accepted pmcguire help
#2874 IndexError: Cannot index with zero length slice. jasmin, python, jules, iris new pmcguire help
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