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#2703 Submitting CMIP6 preindustrial control new um_support help highest 30 hours
#2140 Request collaboration to install latest UM (vn10.3-vn10.8, fcm, rose and cylc) at UoLeeds new um_support help normal 21 months
#2144 Sea ice edge error in UM with custom ancillaries assigned simon help normal 21 months
#2297 Old UM-EMPIRE coupling code assigned simon help normal 14 months
#2577 Switching on monthly updating of vegetation fraction ancillary reopened um_support help normal 4 months
#2668 NaNs in error new um_support help normal 5 weeks
#2669 Duplicate Stashcode new um_support help normal 5 weeks
#2671 line information unavailable error code: 10 (Unable to get function name) new um_support help normal 5 weeks
#2682 Model fails to write temp_hist.0058 new um_support error normal 3 weeks
#2685 Missing UM mean (*.pm*) output new um_support help normal 2 weeks
#2696 Error "Address not mapped to object" in nesting suite case studies LAM forecast new um_support error normal 4 days
#2698 Runtime and output new um_support help normal 4 days
#2699 Long hindcast runs: outputting latter part of forecast to minimise data volume new um_support help normal 3 days
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