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#3108 integrate JULES vegetation acclimation branch into UM accepted pmcguire project-task 20 months 10 months
#3392 Model levels to pressure levels new um_support help 10 months 10 months
#3445 KPP Standard suite/ starting point accepted annette help 7 months 7 months
#3489 ARCHER2, easyaerosol data, spectral radiation data, wmcginty new um_support help 5 months 5 months
#3490 Writing NetCDF ancillaries with ANTS does not scale new um_support defect 5 months 5 months
#3536 MetUM-GOML2 on ARCHER2 assigned annette help 3 months 2 months
#3511 Odd land results- possibly to do with ancilleries new um_support help 4 months 2 months
#3556 basic UM rose suite for Monsoon new um_support help 7 weeks 7 weeks
#3563 GLOSEA stash accepted ros help 4 weeks 4 weeks
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