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#2518 u-an979 suite for land surface modeling of an exoplanet JULES, UM, land surface, pools, lakes, water cycle, idealized continents, Mars, exoplanets, Proxima Centauri b accepted pmcguire project-task normal
#3108 integrate JULES vegetation acclimation branch into UM JULES, UM, acclimation, vegetation accepted pmcguire project-task
#3324 Carry irrigation through (re)start from dump irrigation start dump JULES UM accepted pmcguire error
#3363 update JULES/FLUXNET suite to include new SoilGrids data and new pedotransfer function JULES, FLUXNET, SoilGrids, UM/HWSD, Cosby, Zhang & Schaap, ROSETTA3, pedotransfer function, PTF, van Genuchten, Brooks & Corey new jules_support task
#3495 out-of-memory (OOM) on ARCHER2 N216 run, 1152 cores ARCHER2, UM new um_support help
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