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#2507 soil moisture satellite animations ESA CCI, JULES, website, time-series plots, animations accepted pmcguire project-task normal
#2509 benchmark new JULES global runs UM, JULES, benchmarking accepted pmcguire project-task normal
#2510 new global JULES runs on elastic tape elastic tape accepted pmcguire project-task normal
#2514 Rose/Cylc Suite tutorial Rose/Cylc, JULES, CEDA JASMIN accepted pmcguire project-task normal
#2515 interception update to JULES code canopy, leaf, interception, JULES assigned pmcguire project-task normal
#2516 'FLUXNET observations and point JULES model' comparison with global gridded JULES model Python, FLUXNET, global gridded JULES model accepted pmcguire project-task normal
#2517 Forcing Data for Downscale RCP2.6 for UK Forcing Data, Downscale, RCP2.6, UK assigned pmcguire project-task normal
#2518 u-an979 suite for land surface modeling of an exoplanet JULES, UM, land surface, pools, lakes, water cycle, idealized continents, Mars, exoplanets, Proxima Centauri b accepted pmcguire project-task normal
#2519 user survey Land Surface Processes user survey, JULES, Land Surface Processes pending pmcguire task normal
#2527 audit/profiling of JULES on CEDA JASMIN JULES, audit, profiling, CEDA JASMIN accepted pmcguire task normal
#2543 vegetation Leaf Area Index (LAI) for each Plant Functional Type (PFT): December anomaly LA, Leaf Area Index, ancillary, PFT, Plant Functional Type, MODIS, December anomaly assigned pmcguire defect normal
#2630 Cocoa study for JULES JULES, Cocoa, Mars, PFT accepted pmcguire project-task normal
#2631 JULES medlyn stomata simulation JULES medlyn stomata accepted pmcguire project-task normal
#2632 CALIBRE downscaling CALIBRE, SDVGM, downscaling, ECMIP accepted pmcguire project-task normal
#2633 JULES output variables JULES, output variables, canopy layer, GPP, beta parameter accepted pmcguire project-task normal
#2636 ILAMB model<->model comparisons ILAMB, model, benchmark accepted pmcguire project-task normal
#2637 FLUXNET/JULES suite u-al752 on CEDA JASMIN: failing for two of the sites in GPP JULES, FLUXNET, CEDA JASMIN accepted pmcguire project-task normal
#2640 Soil Moisture benchmark data and model variable for ILAMB JULES, soil moisture, ILAMB, model, benchmark, CEDA JASMIN accepted pmcguire project-task normal
#2642 FLUXNET/JULES suite u-al752 on CEDA JASMIN: meta data missing? FLUXNET, JULES, CEDA JASMIN, metadata accepted pmcguire project-task normal
#2643 ILAMB update original suite u-ba284 ILAMB, CEDA JASMIN, parallel processing accepted pmcguire project-task normal
#2644 update WFDEI driving data on CEDA JASMIN from 1979-2012 to 1979-2016 WFDEI, driving data, JULES, CEDA JASMIN accepted pmcguire task normal
#2776 Get the SWAT model working with data for the Pang River Basin SWAT, hydrology, Pang River, soil data, accepted pmcguire project-task normal
#2777 Create global Van Genuchten soil ancillaries Van Genuchten, Brooks and Corey, soil ancillaries, JULES, pedotransfer functions, PTF, ANTS accepted pmcguire project-task normal
#2778 bug in JULES for using the Van Genuchten params bug, Van Genuchten, ECOSSE, JULES, Brooks and Corey accepted pmcguire project-task normal
#2831 enabling irrigation in FLUXNET/JULES suite u-al752 JULES, FLUXNET, irrigation,Rose/Cylc accepted pmcguire project-task normal
#2836 help with running JULES/FLUXNET suite for CSSP/PORCELAIN project on China sites JULES, FLUXNET, plant physiology, PORCELAIN, JASMIN accepted pmcguire project-task normal
#2838 help with enabling hourly plotting and analysis in JULES/FLUXNET suite, for CSSP/PORCELAIN hourly, daily, JULES, FLUXNET, Python, CSSP China, PORCELAIN accepted pmcguire project-task normal
#2911 emailed tickets emailed tickets accepted ros enhancement
#2914 JULES (with irrigation) variables for ILAMB for analysis of rivers and surface coupling strength JULES, ILAMB, irrigation, rivers, surface coupling strength accepted pmcguire project-task
#2922 Run JULES at Mead, Nebraska with prescribed phenology but without prescribed soil moisture. FLUXNET, JULES, prescribed data, JASMIN accepted pmcguire help
#3108 integrate JULES vegetation acclimation branch into UM JULES, UM, acclimation, vegetation accepted pmcguire project-task
#3125 WRITHEAD, UM UM, WRITHEAD new um_support help
#3135 GL7 suite GL7 suite, GL6R suite, Rose/Cylc, JULES, configuration, WFDEI, CRU/NCEP, N96 accepted pmcguire project-task
#3153 postproc App setup archive, postproc, PPTRANSFER new um_support help
#3159 check suite u-bq532p on puma/ARCHER? ARCHER, cycling, queueing new um_support help
#3167 soil parameters soil parameters, jules accepted pmcguire help
#3191 add toggle option to hide Descriptions in #cms_helpdesk Slack channel? Trac-Bot, slack, hide descriptions accepted ros enhancement
#3201 9-PFT Vegetation Fraction Ancillary 9 PFTs ancillary start dump pre-industrial accepted pmcguire help
#3207 Problem running Suite u-al752 on JASMIN FLUXNET, JULES, JASMIN accepted pmcguire help
#3215 ANTS on JASMIN ANTS, Python, CAP, JASMIN accepted pmcguire help
#3219 vegetation ancillaries ancillaries, vegetation, land cover, JASMIN, resolution accepted pmcguire help
#3221 gedit and other text editors on JASMIN editor, JASMIN, gedit accepted pmcguire help
#3232 Global-JULES on JASMIN group workspace, GWS accepted pmcguire help
#3241 Error in output profile JULES, output profile, start dump accepted pmcguire help
#3251 Restarting suite restart new um_support help
#3259 Connecting SWAT model to SPOTPY package in Python SWAT, Python accepted pmcguire help
#3265 SoilGrids data on JASMIN SoilGrids, NETCDF, JASMIN, Africa, JULES, TAMSAT, SMAP, Toth, pedotransfer accepted pmcguire help
#3268 connection to jasmin jasmin connection closed accepted pmcguire help
#3290 Restart UM suite from previous dump restart UM suite dump accepted pmcguire help
#3299 New soil ancillary for PORCELAIN offline simulations PORCELAIN, JULES, soils, ancillaries, PTF accepted pmcguire help
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