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Ticket Summary Status Type Component Created Modified
#3322 CFA on CentOS7 Jasmin new help JASMIN 6 months 6 months
#3434 Cylc Broadcast + Batch Directives new help Rose/Cylc 7 weeks 7 weeks
#3444 Cylc Broadcast with environment variable new help Rose/Cylc 2 weeks 8 days
#3318 Fixed Radiative Forcings: GC3.1 simulation new help UM Model 7 months 6 months
#3358 ARCHER work allocation adjustment request new help UM Model 5 months 5 months
#3392 Model levels to pressure levels new help UM Model 4 months 4 months
#3420 query about restarting idealised UM from previous dumps new help UM Model 2 months 7 weeks
#3433 mpiexec example new help UM Model 7 weeks 7 weeks
#3443 v8.4 UM-UKCA reconfiguration failing with script invoking unknown "srun" command instead of usual "aprun" command. new help UM Model 3 weeks 2 weeks
#3448 KPP regional suite bicgstab error new help UM Model 7 days 7 days
#3381 ability to define the range of color bars in xconv new enhancement UM Tools 4 months 4 months
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