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#2514 Rose/Cylc Suite tutorial accepted pmcguire project-task Rose/Cylc normal
#2836 help with running JULES/FLUXNET suite for CSSP/PORCELAIN project on China sites accepted pmcguire project-task JULES normal
#2837 merge JULES/FLUXNET suite with Medlyn JULES branch accepted pmcguire project-task JULES normal
#2838 help with enabling hourly plotting and analysis in JULES/FLUXNET suite, for CSSP/PORCELAIN accepted pmcguire project-task JULES normal
#3322 CFA on CentOS7 Jasmin new um_support help JASMIN
#3324 Carry irrigation through (re)start from dump accepted pmcguire error JULES
#3361 running the latest revision of the JULES/FLUXNET suite u-al752 on JASMIN new jules_support task JULES
#3362 citable DOI for JULES/FLUXNET on JASMIN tutorial new jules_support task JULES
#3363 update JULES/FLUXNET suite to include new SoilGrids data and new pedotransfer function new jules_support task JULES
#3376 building JULES new jules_support help JULES
#3379 Main run failed but spin up run succeed new jules_support error JULES
#3390 Running JULES on SLURM on Jasmin new jules_support help JULES
#3391 WFDEI JULES suites on SLURM on JASMIN? new jules_support help JULES
#3401 issue with JULES with suite.rc.CEDA-JASMIN new jules_support help JULES
#3407 Cylc broadcast: settings from file new um_support help Rose/Cylc
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