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#2847 Plotting the observations for latent heat at fluxnet site US_Ha1 accepted pmcguire JULES 16 months
#2922 Run JULES at Mead, Nebraska with prescribed phenology but without prescribed soil moisture. accepted pmcguire JULES 14 months
#3125 WRITHEAD, UM new um_support UM Model 7 months
#3159 check suite u-bq532p on puma/ARCHER? new um_support UM Model 6 months
#3207 Problem running Suite u-al752 on JASMIN accepted pmcguire JULES 5 months
#3210 1.2T input directory for Global JULES on JASMIN accepted pmcguire JULES 5 months
#3254 Slow writing to /gws/nopw/j04/jules accepted pmcguire JULES 3 months
#3259 Connecting SWAT model to SPOTPY package in Python accepted pmcguire Land Surface Modelling 3 months
#3265 SoilGrids data on JASMIN accepted pmcguire JULES 3 months
#3299 New soil ancillary for PORCELAIN offline simulations accepted pmcguire JULES 8 weeks
#3317 UM selectively simulates tiles accepted pmcguire UM Model 5 weeks
#3318 Fixed Radiative Forcings: GC3.1 simulation new um_support UM Model 4 weeks
#3322 CFA on CentOS7 Jasmin new um_support JASMIN 3 weeks
#3323 Problems with post-processing on Monsoon accepted ros UM Model 3 weeks
#3325 UNRECOGNISED time profile request T6HMONM new um_support UM Model 3 weeks
#3327 postproc app accepted ros UM Model 3 weeks
#3330 AutoAssess on JASMIN accepted pmcguire Data 2 weeks
#3332 pre compile fcm_make_um new um_support UM Model 9 days
#3334 A question about “restarting if the model blows up” new um_support UM Model 8 days
#3335 wallclock exceeded new um_support UKESM 5 days
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