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#2507 soil moisture satellite animations accepted pmcguire project-task normal
#2513 new Egea plots pending pmcguire project-task normal
#2514 Rose/Cylc Suite tutorial accepted pmcguire project-task normal
#2515 interception update to JULES code assigned pmcguire project-task normal
#2518 u-an979 suite for land surface modeling of an exoplanet accepted pmcguire project-task normal
#2522 Land Surface Processes group website accepted pmcguire task normal
#2527 audit/profiling of JULES on CEDA JASMIN accepted pmcguire task normal
#2633 JULES output variables accepted pmcguire project-task normal
#2637 FLUXNET/JULES suite u-al752 on CEDA JASMIN: failing for two of the sites in GPP accepted pmcguire project-task normal
#2640 Soil Moisture benchmark data and model variable for ILAMB accepted pmcguire project-task normal
#2643 ILAMB update original suite u-ba284 accepted pmcguire project-task normal
#2644 update WFDEI driving data on CEDA JASMIN from 1979-2012 to 1979-2016 accepted pmcguire task normal
#2777 Create global Van Genuchten soil ancillaries accepted pmcguire project-task normal
#2836 help with running JULES/FLUXNET suite for CSSP/PORCELAIN project on China sites accepted pmcguire project-task normal
#2837 merge JULES/FLUXNET suite with Medlyn JULES branch accepted pmcguire project-task normal
#2838 help with enabling hourly plotting and analysis in JULES/FLUXNET suite, for CSSP/PORCELAIN accepted pmcguire project-task normal
#2906 Implementing Irrigation in 2D simulations of JULES accepted pmcguire task
#3324 Carry irrigation through (re)start from dump accepted pmcguire error
#3361 running the latest revision of the JULES/FLUXNET suite u-al752 on JASMIN new jules_support task
#3362 citable DOI for JULES/FLUXNET on JASMIN tutorial new jules_support task
#3363 update JULES/FLUXNET suite to include new SoilGrids data and new pedotransfer function new jules_support task
#3381 ability to define the range of color bars in xconv new um_support enhancement
#3392 Model levels to pressure levels new um_support help
#3401 issue with JULES with suite.rc.CEDA-JASMIN pending jules_support help
#3442 Error reading namelist JULES_MODEL_GRID new jules_support error
#3445 KPP Standard suite/ starting point accepted annette help
#3449 What does the l_mask_snow_orog switch actually do? new jules_support help
#3456 fcm fail for u-br916 new jules_support help
#3460 Updating suite u-bt558 for SLURM libraries new jules_support help
#3463 JULES Ancillaries files new jules_support help
#3475 JULES and SLURM queueing time on JASMIN new um_support help
#3482 Adding a new JULES Ancilliary dataset new jules_support help
#3494 Generating dump files for GL7 suite for SLURM batch processing on JASMIN new jules_support help
#3495 out-of-memory (OOM) on ARCHER2 N216 run, 1152 cores reopened annette help
#3499 Error in Rose/Cylc Tutorial new um_support error
#3501 Open MPI or JULES problem in two suites from two users on JASMIN new um_support help
#3508 JULES run on JASMIN failing new jules_support help
#3536 MetUM-GOML2 on ARCHER2 assigned annette help
#3539 CAP crashing in singularity container new um_support help
#3540 JULES compilation error on jasmin assigned jules_support error
#3548 SDGVM: small values of vegetation carbon & soil carbon new jules_support help
#3550 Rose suites similar to JULES configuration in GC5 (standalone and coupled) new jules_support help
#3563 GLOSEA stash accepted ros help
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