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#3321 duplicate UM Version 11.5 not available in CMS Helpdesk options um_support pmcguire

UM Version 11.5 is not available in the options below. Can you add it? Thanks! Patrick McGuire

#3316 fixed Error running standard suite from UM practical session document um_support ecmaters


I'm trying to work through the NCAS Unified Model Introduction: Practical sessions (Rose/Cylc?) November 2019 document, and an error pops up when I try to run the suite in section 3.2 iii. Are the instructions in section 3.2 ii still correct (HPC account 'n02-training' and HPC_QUEUE reservation code 'R6585903') even though I'm not at the November 2019 training course? And/or does the problem lie elsewhere? I will attach an image of the error pop-up.

Kind regards,


#3314 fixed NETCDF not working in JULES pmcguire pmcguire

Hello Patrick,

I have installed JULES vn5.1 and vn5.7 on my laptop and successfully compiled both. However, vn5.7 only outputs ASCII files and no NETCDF4 files. I have tried changing the paths etc to no avail.

Could you please advise on what I may be doing wrongly?

Cheers, Fred

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