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#3 fixed HadAM3 compilation lois Louise Sime, BRIDGE, Bristol

Can you tell me why a job I am trying to compile might keep stopping half-way through the model modifications in NUPDATE? It is identical to the HPCx standard HadAM3 (vn4.5) job, expect that the modifications included are from the BRIDGE group in Bristol.

The current job name is xbnqp (/hpcx/home/n02/n02/lsim/umui_runs/xbnqp-243150848), and output from the job is in /hpcx/home/n02/n02/lsim/um/umui_out

It looks like it could be a problem with how long, or how much memory, there is available since NUPDATE stops after about the same number of updates, for each job I have tried to compile, regardless of what the modifications are. The problem does not occur with the standard HPCx job which compiles and runs OK, although it has less model modifications to apply.

#4 fixed UM run problem with High resolution lois cwang

Dear Chang.

Could you please, when you have time, have a look at my job xccjb and see if I'm doing anything wrong? Right now it runs giving me boundaries for a while (34 hours if I remember correctly) before crashing with a segmentation fault. The files for each processor, *fort6.pp*, are empty.

Best regards,


#5 fixed LAM domain Problems cwang admin

I have used both the global and the mesoscale template from the UWERN-UM support web page to set up my LAM domain, but the model was unstable and tried to change in the scientific parameters and sections to make it work. What exactly should I do?

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