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#1605 invalid Experimenting with PPE automation of perturbations Leighton_Regayre Leighton_Regayre

Hundreds of parameter perturbations need to be applied to copies of the same UKCA vn8.4 job. Automation of this process is possible and currently being conducted by Masaru Yoshioka. I will extend the parameter set and this job will be used to experiment with the application of the automation of parameter pertrubations.

This is not the final version of the job.

#1782 fixed Logging onto postprocessing espp1 and espp2 Leighton_Regayre Leighton_Regayre

I'm having trouble logging onto post-processing nodes espp1 and espp2.

When I enter the following at the ARCHER login command line: ssh -X espp2 I'm asked for a password. My ARCHER login password doesn't work in this case.

ssh -X espp1 simply fails with a 'permission denied' warning.

Do I need to be granted access to post-processing nodes?



#1110 fixed Puma disk space andy seruth

Hi Reading folk,

I'm now using the FCM and exceeding my disk space regularly on PUMA. Would you be able to increase my diskspace please. thanks, Ruth

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