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#3359 answered UM runs stuck on ARCHER um_support pmcguire

Hi CMS Helpdesk My UM runs seem to be stuck on ARCHER. I have 3 runs going.

For one of them, u-bw963, it appeared in the Cylc GUI that my atmos_main run for 1992 had finished 2 days ago, but the icon was still green like it was running. The log file said it had finished. So I changed the state manually from running to succeeded. That didn't help much. It tried to submit posproc, but the submit failed.

So I stopped the job, and then did a rose suite-run --restart, but I get an error:

[FAIL] ssh -oBatchMode=yes bash —login -c \'ROSE_VERSION=2016.11.1\ rose\ suite-run\ -v\ -v\ —name=u-bw963\ —run=restart\ —remote=uuid=dc8f63a3-fe23-46ab-898d-4e76af47812d,root-dir=$DATADIR\' # return-code=255, stderr=

any suggestions? Patrick

#3357 duplicate ARCHER work allocation adjustment request um_support Leighton_Regayre


In order to complete our A-CURE PPE, we would apprecitate a reallocation of resources on ARCHER /work.

In cms trac tickets #3134, #3176 and #3188 I requested my /work allocation be reduced so that project partners could assist in creating our PPE. The need for contributiuons from these project partners is now over. Reallocating their /work memory allocations to luciad and myself would make a huge difference to our workflow.

Could you please reduce allocations for these folk and return the excess to luciad and I?

chmcsy: Chris Symonds mricha: Mark Richardson toml: Tom Langton and poossibly Duncan-Watson Paris.

I understand they were each allocated an additional ~12Tb of /work memory which is not currently being used.


Leighton These users helped with the early part of our PPE so we had some data to analyse. They are no longer helping out, so do not need the additional /work allocation. We could really do with using it as our runs now span 13 months, rather than separate 5 and 9 month sections.

#3356 fixed Jasmin changing transfers um_support charlie


No doubt you will be aware that the various Jasmin servers changing very soon with the old ones being retired.

In my various suites, I am currently transferring via so clearly this will need to be changed. The documentation says that the 3 new transfer ways are:

So which one should I use? The 2nd, or the last? I already have access to hpxfer.

Also, am I able to making this change while my suite is running, and then simply pick it up with a —reload?



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