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#3286 fixed ARCHER connection timed out when submitting suite um_support mtodt


I'm trying to submit a suite to ARCHER but get the following error:

[FAIL] ssh -oBatchMode=yes bash --login -c \'ROSE_VERSION=2016.11.1\ rose\ suite-run\ -v\ -v\ --name=u-bt231\ --run=run\ --remote=uuid=11f72d98-20a7-4803-a61e-7f2c2185d5fa\' # return-code=255, stderr=
[FAIL] ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out

I had successfully submitted a suite with the new UM work flow last week, so I don't think the error is due to that. Is it related to MOSRS being inaccessible at the moment? Thanks a lot for your help!

Cheers Markus

#3285 answered New error: U_MODEL_4A um_support charlie


Sorry to bother you, but my current suite (br871) has recently failed, giving me an error I haven't seen before (given my history, this is quite an achievement!).

???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!       ERROR        ???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!
?  Error code: 2
?  Error from routine: U_MODEL_4A
?  Error message: ACUMPS1: Partial sum file inconsistent. See Output
?  Error from processor: 377
?  Error number: 576

I have found a couple of other tickets, #2876 and #2163, that mention this error, but not sure how my situation matches these. I have not recently restarted the suite - I restarted it a few weeks ago (~280 years in model time ago), in order to run for another 100 years, and it has been running perfectly fine ever since. In fact this is the first time it has blown up in over 350 model years.

Please can you help advise as to what has happened to it this time? I'm assuming it is naïve and optimistic to hope that this problem is connected to the recent issues about connecting to SVN, using the MOSRS password (which is still not being accepted)? That would be far too easy!



#3284 fixed ssh-add not working (could not open connection to ssh agent) ros ecmaters

Hello, I am a new user and am trying to work through the NCAS Unified Model Introduction: Practical sessions (Rose/cylc) training document from 2019. Under the section 1.7 Set up an ssh connection from PUMA to ARCHER iii. Start up ssh-agent, I keep ending up with the error message 'Could not open a connection to your authentication agent.' I have tried to follow the instructions in section 11.2 Restarting your ssh agent, but the suggestion of deleting the environment.puma file is not applicable since there is no such file in my .ssh. I have tried logging out and back in to puma but the problem persists. Kind regards, Elena

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