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#210 fixed Looking for CAPE and CIN scripts and/or help with vertical model levels willie barney

Hi, i wish to calculate CAPE and CIN from model data. I have not been able to find any available diagnostics to calculate these in STASH. Does anyone know if any exist or if anybody has any scripts to calculate them? If the answer to the above is no, i will need to use the hybrid_ht model levels to calculate them, i beleive the model starts off using sigma levels near the surface and switches to theta levels in the stratosphere. Is information available as to how these hybrid_ht's are calculated or how to convert them to other coordinates?

#216 fixed UM vn 6.1 and modset or 7.1 and FCM ? willie oma

Dear All,

I'm about to start a new small project that will involve adding a few new pieces of code into the UM. I am considering the best strategy to follow. I could do it using the UM vn 6.1 and normal modsets, but perhaps it would be worth to start using vn 7.1 and the new FCM system if these are already available (I am not sure what is the state on these developments). I would be very grateful if you could let me know your views on this and what you think the best procedure would be.



#223 fixed Error code 2 when running 4km mesoscale model with startdump willie bethan.white

I have been trying to run the standard 4km run (100x100x38 for 1km Wessex) from the nested series of LAMs for Hector. I have a startdump and LBCs from Humphrey Lean which I am trying to use with this run. I have updated my umui setup to match Humphrey's basis file, recreated my ancillary files to match this, and have tried to run with reconfiguration switched on.

The ancillary files have 17748 land points and my umui setup is set to 18095 to match Humphrey's start dump.

When I ran this, I got an Error code 2 in my .leave file: error in chk_look_bounda

Does this mean the LBC file I have been given is not compatible?

The job is xdluh and the relevant .leave file is xdluh000.xdluh.d09019.t151813.leave

Thanks, Bethan.

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