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#3234 answered ERA5-nudged model um_support s1895566

Is there any ERA5-nudged model available on Monsoon? Thanks!

#3233 answered Jasmin Workspace grenville s1895566

Which Jasmin workspace should I apply for?

I am Eden Au, a NERC-funded PhD student at the University of Edinburgh. I am working on a project in collaboration with the Met Office that uses machine learning to improve the performance of the UM. Therefore, it would be great if there is a workspace that allows me to store gigabytes (or even terabytes if possible) of data for machine learning purposes.

#3231 fixed LGM input/output are something wrong um_support yb19052

I have a suite (u-bp881) for the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM). It runs, but the variables “roughness length after timestep” in the start dump (bp881.astart) and in the restart file after one year (bp881a.da18510101_00) are based on the pre-industrial (PI) land-ocean mask. It seems that the other variables look okay.

Here, I have questions. Should I set up “roughness length after timestep (stash_rq: 26)” in the Configure ancils? Or, it is automatically created but is my input something wrong?

There are the files at the following locations, /home/d03/kizumi/cylc-run/u-bp881/share/data/bp881.astart /home/d03/kizumi/cylc-run/u-bp881/share/data/History_Data/bp881a.da18510101_00

I appreciate your kind cooperation.

Thanks Kenji

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