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#1371 fixed Global Job Failing in Reconfiguration annette LSaffin

I'm trying to run a global model (job xjjhx) using automatic resubmission and getting the message,

/projects/diamet/lsaffi/xjjhx/bin/qsexecute: Error in dump reconfiguration - see OUTPUT

in the .leave file (/home/lsaffi/output/xjjhx000.xjjhx.d14260.t151358.leave on monsoon).

The job uses PV tracers edits under,


with stash modified by the file, /home/sws04jc/28trancil7.3, as well as the fix /home/willie/userSTASH/STASH_7.3_7.5.

Something in there has caused an error in the umui when trying to add new diagnostics which may be related.

Unexpected STASH option code st_mask_n(8)=3. Model A. Section 0

I did get this job to run as a regular job but adding in the automatic resubmission options stopped it working.


#1372 answered GC2 standard job on Archer annette wx019276


I have been looking on the umui for a standard GC2 configuration for archer at version 8.4 which the documentation suggests archer supports. I have tried copying some other jobs but without success. Ideally I would like to copy a standard job but I can't find a standard job for GC2 (8.4) and I was wondering if you knew if there was a standard version that I could use? I have previously been using this version of the model on MONSooN but I would like to use it on archer instead.

Any help with this would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Ruth

#1378 fixed Unable to directly login to PUMA and unable to open the umui once logged in annette CatherineHardacre


I have a couple of problems, perhaps related.

1) I can't directly ssh to PUMA from my computer. If I try to do so I get the following message:

ssh: Could not resolve hostname puma/ Name or service not known

However, if I ssh to Archer, from there I can ssh -Y into PUMA. I am not sure why this is happening. I have previously been able to ssh directly from my computer

2) Once on PUMA (via Archer) I am unable to open the umui. I get the following error message:

Application initialization failed: no display name and no $DISPLAY environment variable Error in startup script: invalid command name "option"

while executing

"option add *foreground $colours(enabled_fg)"

(procedure "entry_appearance" line 19) invoked from within


(file "/home/umui/umui/ghui2.0/tcl/entry.tcl" line 52)

Again, I have been able to do this previously. Comparing my home directory with my colleagues, there seem to some files which are absent i.e. .config/ , umui (though I'm not sure if that's significant).

Thanks for your help.

Kind Regards,

Catherine Hardacre

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