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#3278 fixed Assuan processing failed um_support zcui

setup-mosrs Met Office Science Repository Service password:

The first time password works fine. , But, after First time use: enter your password again ….. It appeared that gpg-agent[38329]: Assuan processing failed: IPC read error Subversion password cached

Does it matter?

#3305 fixed fcm um_support zcui

I tried fcm on ARCHER

fcm ls returned gpg-agent[3810]: Assuan processing failed: IPC read error COPYRIGHT.txt CodeOwners?.txt admin/ bin/ fcm-make/ rose-meta/ rose-stem/ src/

But, echo $SHLVL returned 3.

#1063 fixed Problem running job ximec (copy of xgwtf) on MONSooN um_support yl238


I'm a new user of the UM/Hector/MONSooN, and I've been trying to run the job ximec (a copy of Ros' xgwtf) on MONSooN since 02/05/13. There are basically two problems:

  1. (partially fixed) There was a problem with setting the ancillary version files, as the original values pointed to the non-existent directory /home/odarby/, which is now changed to /home/odarby.old/. I copied the version files in /home/odarby.old/ancil_versions/ to /home/yuliu/ancil_versions/ on ibm02 and changed the path of the version files on the UMUI. After many crashes, I found the file "versions_UM8.2_invert_rivers" unfortunately has the ~odarby/ directory hard-coded into it.

I'm wondering whether it's possible to have a central ancillary version directory on MONSooN so this doesn't happen in the future when people leave? Or is this simply something I need to check each time I use another person's files?

  1. After fixing this, after some trial and error, I compiled the code and reconfiguration with alrfq.astart in $STARTDUMPS (already specified) and ran the job and reconfiguration. This seemed to have worked (/home/yuliu/output/ximec000.ximec.d13126.t115935.leave).

Can you advise if this is the right sequence to run a continuation job anew?

  1. The output file gave a long list of warnings about "Diagnostics not available" e.g see below:

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????? WARNING ???????????????????????????????????? ? Warning in routine: PRELIM ? Warning Code: -30 ? Warning Message: DIAGNOSTIC NOT AVAILABLE TO THIS VERSION REQUEST DENIED (M,S,I) 1 0 95 ? Warning generated from processor: 0 ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Are these of significance and how to fix them?

Many thanks for your help,


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