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#2098 answered walltime missing upon submission to archer ros till

Hiya, I'm trying to submit a short test run with HiGEM, from puma to Archer. UM6.1. Upon submission, Archers says "please specify walltime" and the job is not added to the queue. I'm using the same scripts (UMUI) as I did until 2014, so I guess I miss some more recent changes. The job ID is XJBFJ, see

I have a hunch that the walltime is required for compiling the exec for the recon.

Thank You


#2849 fixed walltime is too short willie zliu


I am trying to make my ancillary file on Archer by myself. The job is under /home/n02/n02/zliu/work/INPUTFILES/sst/work. But I found the speed of mkancil is very slow. I cannot finish my work within 48 hours. How can I solve this problem? Thanks.


#2694 answered wallclock time um_support ggxmy


NRUN for my UM vn11.0 job, u-bd805, stopped and it appears to me like it was because the wallclock time was exceeded;

Elapsed Time : 0:30:47 (1847 seconds, 103% of limit) Parallel Time : 0:30:30 (1830 seconds, 99% of elapsed time) Walltime Limit : 0:30:00 (1800 seconds)

However I can't find where this is set. In rose edit, the run initialisation and cycling panel shows wallclock time is set to "PT1H40M" which doesn't seem to be consistent to this. I tried grep'ing in the /home/d03/myosh/roses/u-bd805/ files and directories but couldn't find a clue. Could you help me please?

I copied the release job u-bb202 and it now appears to run OK for me. Then I modified it to enable the UKCA modal dust. I also added lots of STASH requests in section 38. So it is not surprising for me that the computation time has been increased.

Best regards, Masaru

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