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#2901 fixed suites seem to have stopped running um_support ChrisWells


I have a few suites running for some time, but when I logged in just now I did qstat and got nothing in return. If I do gcylc on a suite which I ran, I get "stopped on running".

I tried to do rose suite-run commands (was unsure which to use) but got some odd answers:

chwel@xcslc0:~/roses/u-bi228> rose suite-run --restart
[FAIL] Suite "u-bi228" appears to be running:
[FAIL] Contact info from: "/home/d00/chwel/cylc-run/u-bi228/.service/contact"
[FAIL]     CYLC_SUITE_PROCESS=144903 /usr/bin/python2 /common/fcm/cylc-7.8.1/bin/cylc-run u-bi228 --host=localhost
[FAIL] Try "cylc stop 'u-bi228'" first?
chwel@xcslc0:~/roses/u-bi228> gcylc u-bi228 &
[3] 78442
chwel@xcslc0:~/roses/u-bi228> rose suite-run --reload
[FAIL] u-bi228: does not appear to be running

So the host doesn't seem to know if the suite is running or not. Do you know what I should do to continue these suites?

Cheers, Chris

#2952 fixed Suite's failing on submit-retrying; file not found ros ChrisWells


I have a few suites running (e.g. u-bh765), and they've all failed on submit-retrying with errors like

ERROR: file not found

and the file is the job.err file in cylc-run.

I think I remember having this error before but can't remember how it was resolved. I've tried stopping and rose suite-run —restart , but the error persists.

Do you know how I can get round this?

Cheers, Chris

#2953 fixed Atmos-only UKESM ocean ancils um_support ChrisWells


I'm trying to run atmos-only UKESM, to match a coupled run I've done, to do ERF calculations. So I need to run the model with prescribed SSTs and sea ice (and anything else which is needed), output from my coupled simulations.

I copied suite u-be303 at 116849 (is this the right suite for me to use?), and am looking to see where to change SSTs. I can see in rose-app.conf it refers to 2 files (sst and sea ice) in /projects/ancils/cmip6/ancils/n96e/timeseries_1870-2016/SstSeaIce . These files are anc files which I don't know how to read, and I need to use output from a coupled UKESM run instead. So my issues are:

-is that AMIP UKESM suite the right one to use?

-are these files the relevant ones, or does the model take the ocean from somewhere else/also?

-how can I replace the ocean files with output from one of my coupled UKESM runs? Do I use the ida.file and oda.files?

Many thanks for help with this.

Cheers, Chris

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