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#44 fixed "Contact Us" button not email out the request bouton k.a.bouton@…

contact_xtd component not working. Doesn't email out the form, not does it cc to the requester.

#47 fixed how to use hand edit files um_support michael.bane@…

I've looked on the NCAS-CMS UM site but can't find more info about using hand edits:

Using the example basis files requires some hand edit files. However I cannot get these to work. Irrespective of whether I give my local (UMUI @ Manchester) full path/filename or my remote (HPCx) full path/filename for the hand edit files I get an error in EXT_SCRIPT_LOG saying either "Permission Denied" or "No such file or directory". Please can you clarify a) which pathname to use b) what file permissions the files should have c) anything else needed to use hand edit files?

Thanks, Michael

#48 fixed probs running global-meso nested um_support michael.bane@…

I'm using the global basis file "basis_n320_lbc_dummy" from webpage to give inputs to mesoscale basis file "basis_xcahd_12km" from webpage

(I've not used the global "basis_global_xcahb" from the index_61me.html webpage since it's old global and I want to run for 2006 (new global))

I've obtained the relevant stash & hand edit files but I now get a problem running meso implying wrong initial dates although in UMUI I have the same for both global and meso. The relevant '.leave' file is /hpcx/devt/n02/n02-ncas/bane/um/umui_out/xaacb000.xaacb.d07110.t113110.leave

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