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#3110 answered 3 hourly accumulation in time profile um_support amenon

Dear CMS team,

I have an issue with outputting some diagnostics every 3 hours as 3-hourly accumulations (adding the values of these diagnostics over a period of 3 hours and outputting it). Suite id is u-bn032 in Archer. The time profile for 3-hourly accumulation in the suite is called 'tacc3hr_e8a6cc17'. The diagnostics outputs which used this time profile are there in /nerc/n02/n02/amenon/u-bn032/field.pp/20180810T0000Z_INCOMPASS_km10_ga6_pt000.pp

In those pp files, the diagnostics are outputted only every 6 hours rather than 3 hours. I am not able to figure out what has gone wrong here. Could you please have a look at the above mentioned time profile in the suite and let me know what might have gone wrong. Many thanks.


#2827 fixed 360_day to Gregorian remove the mean output um_support cbellisario

Dear team,

I am struggling after a step from 360_day to Gregorian calendar as it removed the monthly and seasonal means output. Ex of the suite associated u-bd467.

Any idea of the why?

Best regards,


#1251 fixed 4.5 CRUN problem ARCHER um_support Sandip Dhomse

Dear Grenville, although my job works fine, I have problem with CRUN. It works for few months and then it stops with following error meassage. Do you have any fix for this?

xirus: Starting run forrtl: Input/output error forrtl: Cannot send after transport endpoint shutdown forrtl: Cannot send after transport endpoint shutdown forrtl: severe (38): error during write, unit 80, file /fs2/n02/n02/sdhomse/um/xirus/datam/jtable

log file is at



It appears that there is an error writing the the jtable file. I suspect this is because many processes are accesing the same file in parallel, and this causes an error in the lustre filesystem. jtable is not in the standard UM, so the problem is your mods. I am unable to access your filespace due to the permissions.


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