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#3325 fixed UNRECOGNISED time profile request T6HMONM um_support jmw240


I've been having problems dealing with the error shown below which occurs in atmos main

???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!! ERROR ???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!! ? Error code: 16 ? Error from routine: rdbasis ? Error message: UNRECOGNISED time profile request T6HMONM ? Error from processor: 0 ? Error number: 25

In brief I added some stash to a (previously working) rose-app.conf file for suite u-bv400 using time profiles T1HR and TMONM (not T6HMONM) and output these to UP9 and UPI respectively. I tried deselecting all stash items with references to T6HMONM to no avail. I can't understand why adding stash to other time profiles would cause this error.

Any help would be much appreciated!



#3323 fixed Problems with post-processing on Monsoon ros aschurer

Hi, I'm running a version of the UKESM on Monsoon2. exp u-bv174 It seems to have run OK for a few cycles for about 1 year but has failed on the post-processing part:

postproc_atmos /home/d05/aschurer/cylc-run/u-bv174/log/job/08500101T0000Z/postproc_atmos/04/job.err

[ERROR]  Validity time mismatch in file /home/d05/aschurer/cylc-run/u-bv174/share/data/History_Data/bv174a.p40850feb to be archived
[FAIL]  Command Terminated
[FAIL] Terminating PostProc...
[FAIL] atmos # return-code=1
2020-07-14T07:31:49Z CRITICAL - failed/EXIT

postproc_cice /home/d05/aschurer/cylc-run/u-bv174/log/job/08500101T0000Z/postproc_cice/04/job.err

[ERROR]  concat_daily_means: Cannot create month of daily means as only got 1 files:
[FAIL]  Command Terminated
[FAIL] Terminating PostProc...
[FAIL] cice # return-code=1
2020-07-14T07:37:25Z CRITICAL - failed/EXIT

I can't see any obvious problem as the data all appear to be there. I'd be extremely grateful if you could tell me what the problem could be. Is it likely to be a problem with the STASH? Or with the post-processing setup? Many thanks, Andrew

#3321 duplicate UM Version 11.5 not available in CMS Helpdesk options um_support pmcguire

UM Version 11.5 is not available in the options below. Can you add it? Thanks! Patrick McGuire

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