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#3277 answered fcm issues on ARCHER um_support zcui


I've made a ticket so that others who also hit this issue can use this for reference.

You explain that you are trying to get access to MOSRS on ARCHER. The first thing to do should be to change ~/.subversion/servers to include:

metofficesharedrepos = code*

# Specify your Science Repository Service user name here
username = <your name>
store-plaintext-passwords = no

Then if you log into a terminal, and then do this:

  • setup-gpg
  • setup-mosrs

and type your password, you should be able to run commands like fcm ls and also echo $SHLVL should return 3.

This method is always giving silent fails, so it may be that running it yourself, rather than from a script, is the best thing to do. It may be that I've missed things too, but in either case, please try to do this step by step and post any error messages in this ticket so that we can debug it.

#3276 answered Changing archiving dump frequency um_support s1895566

I am trying to change the archiving dump frequency to say 28 hours in my suite u-bu665. However, I can only see the options of Monthly, Seasonal, Yearly, and Timestamps in postproc → Atmosphere → Archiving.

I selected Timestamps and set variable arch_timestamps as something like 1-2_4,1-3_8,1-4_12,1-5_16,1-6_20 etc. to match the regex requested. However, I was unable to generate any dump files using this method. Did I do something wrong? Thanks!

#3275 fixed pp transfer um_support eelrm

I'm trying to run a job on ARCHER, which has worked with the new workflow you sent yesterday, but the suite is set up to archive to Jasmin and has got stuck on the fcm_make2_pptransfer.

Is there also a workaround to get the pp transfer to work?

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