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#1402 fixed UMUI has message qsub: Archer: Please specify walltime annette dps

I have compiled a vn6.1 HiGEM executable as a standalone compilation job. I have an executable and now wish to do a run. When I press submit, the job submission window has the usual guff, but ends "qsub: Archer: Please specify walltime" and nothing else happens.

I checked past tickets. I saw Till's 1210, but I have "PBS Pro (CRAY XC30)" selected.

The job is xkooa which is a copy of Jon Robson's xkhxb

Thanks, Dave

#1407 answered Converting coupled job to AMIP, or vice versa annette mx020105

We would like to run a consistent set of AMIP and coupled jobs at UM8.4 with identical physics/parameterisations etc, but I've not managed to track down such an existing pair of jobs so far. Luke is running xkola, which is GA4.0 AMIP without UKCA, and Ruth Petrie at Reading has run xipvn (GC2.0 GA4.0). Just taking the difference between these two jobs on puma already flags up quite a few differences.

My question is whether it would be more straightforward to take xipvn and try to convert it to AMIP, or whether to take xkola and try to make it coupled? This task would be for a PhD student, with some assistance from myself (and hopefully Luke). Are there any guidelines written down for converting from a coupled to AMIP job?

Thanks a lot, Amanda

#1414 fixed HadGEM2 failure annette charlie

My job that we discussed a few weeks ago has been running, but has got to a certain point (February 1978, to be exact) and won't go any further. I have tried restarting from several of my start dumps, e.g. 1 February 1978 and 1 January 1978, but it's always gets to the same point, then stops.

I don't understand what's gone wrong. I have looked at the .leave file (attached) and although I can see errors, I don't know which one is the important one.

One of the reasons reason I don't understand this problem is that I am currently running 4 jobs at once: xkmna-d. These correspond to 4 ensemble members of the same job, so they are absolutely identical apart from the initial start file used - they all start in 1971, but xkmna reconfigures the 1971 start file, b the 1972 start file, etc. The problem is only occurring with xkmna - all of the other jobs have got past February 1978 and are running fine. So given that they are all identical, why are the others working but not xkmna?

Further to my last message, I've just discovered my attachment is too large. You can find it at /home/n02/n02/cjrw09/um/umui_out/xkmna000.xkmna.d14335.t170822.leave

Thanks a lot,


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