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#3365 fixed Filename clashes with previously generated name um_support jmw240


I am trying to run a suite (u-bw186) which has worked in the past but now keeps failing with the following error message on atmos_main:

?  Error from routine: GET_FILENAME
?  Error message: Filename clashes with previously generated name:
?        /home/d04/jamwe/cylc-run/u-bw186/share/data/History_Data/bw186a.pm2013feb
?  Error from processor: 212
?  Error number: 150

I don't see how my setup could be trying to make two files of the same name was under the impression that any existing data on MASS would be overwritten if it clashed with the new data.

Any advice to solve this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


#3364 fixed shumlib on JASMIN um_support vanniere

Dear CMS

I want to build ancillary files for the UM on JASMIN. I installed ANTSv0.13 in my conda environment. But some ANTS functions require the UM tool um_spiral_search. I have tried to install um_spiral_search from the mule-trunk. However, this requires to install the shumlib library first, for which the compilation fails on JASMIN when I use the default make options. I tried :

$ ssh
$ svn checkout
$ cd shumlib.git/trunk
$ make -f ./make/

but the compilation fails some with some declaration of variables in fortran.

My questions :

  • Is the shumlib already installed on JASMIN?
  • Or else, could you provide help with installing the shumlib on JASMIN?

Many thanks Benoit

#3360 worksforme ValueError: Incorrect size for fixed length header; given 0 words but should be 256. um_support ggxmy

u-bx084 stopped after running many years. postproc_atmos got an error;

ValueError: Incorrect size for fixed length header; given 0 words but should be 256.
[FAIL] atmos # return-code=1

Other simulations in this series has not got a problem like this. How do I solve it?

Thanks, Masaru

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