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#247 fixed Problem with .astart file output willie bethan.white

Hi, I have been running the UM6.1 reconfiguration at 4km and am having problems with the output .astart file. (The job is xdsv:m)

The .astart file produced has some odd points in it. For example, looking at the uwind and vwind in xconv, on the left hand side of the plot there are several pixels which have strange values.

The file can be found here:/work/n02/n02/eebaw/xdsvm

Do you know what could be causing this?

The .leave file has an error in it (Error 11 - reached end of atmosphere LBC file), but I don't think this is what is causing the problem, since I have set my run length to be compatible with the length of the LBCs.

Thanks, Bethan.

#255 fixed Error 4 in 1km UM run willie bethan.white

I am trying to run a 1km job (xdsvt) using lbcs I have produced from a 4km run (xdsvr).

However, I am getting the Error message:

INTHD(6) : 190 ? Error in INANCILA CMESSAGE INANCILA:integer header error - row length ErrorStatus? 4

* ERROR!!! in reconfiguration in routine Rcf_Ancil_Atmos Error Code:- 4 Error Message:- INANCILA:integer header error - row length Error generated from processor 0

I have double-checked my ancillary files and I don't think I have mixed up my rows and columns. The lbcs also seem to match.

Am I missing something obvious?

Thanks very much, Bethan.

#260 fixed Error 2 in 1km UM run willie bethan.white

Hi, I am currently trying to run a 1km job (xdsvt) using lbcs from a previous 4km job that Willie set up for me (xdsvr).

I am getting Error 2:

Wrong number of LBC variables found in LBC file Expecting record 15 to contain STASH item code 31002 But found item code 31020 UM ERROR (Model aborting) : Routine generating error: inbounda Error code: 2 Error message: Error in CHK_LOOK_BOUNDA *

I previously experienced this error with a 4km job; Humphrey Lean kindly gave me the hand edit lmurklbc_true and modsets and afr5f602_murklbc_v2.mf77 to allow version 6.6 to read murk from the lbcs. I have included these in my setup but I am wondering whether the problem is that these files won't work at 1km?

Thanks, Bethan.

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