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#53 fixed Documentation for the boundary layer in the UM ros g.n.petersen@…


Is there any documentation of the UM boundary layer? The document on the website, UM documentation 24, only discusses parametrization of turbulent fluxes above the surface but not any surface fluxes. I've found an old document called P24 that describes the sub-surface and surface fluxes. However, it's from 2000 and written for UM V4.5. Surely there have been some modifications to the surface fluxes since 2000??



#54 fixed Reconfiguring a global dump to A LAM dump - follow up (ticket 52) um_support g.n.petersen@…

Hi Chang,

sorry for sending this straight to you but I just want to clarify a few points because I'm not sure if I understand you entirely and I really want to get going, doing some proper runs :-)

  • You're suggesting that I reconfigure my global dump using ancillary

files for mask, orog, ice, soil and veg properties? As I don't want to change these at all, can I use the values from a start dump (reconfigured from the global dump) and make ancillaries for these? I am of course already using a orography ancillary file.

  • Do I also have to worry about the sst ancillary file? That is actually

the only one I have done tests with.

  • Do you suggest that any time one of these is changed ancillary files

for the others should be used in reconfiguration?

Thanks for pointing out that the standard ancillary files have -1.0737e09 as ice fraction over land. I hadn't picked up on that one.

Please let me know if you think of anything else I should consider.

All the best,


#55 fixed SCM Setup um_support g.devine@…


I am currently attempting to get an Single Column Model version of the UM up and running. No one here at Leeds appears to have run the model in this setup before so I am wondering has anyone else in the NCAS community? If so would I be able to get a copy of their basis file for this? Currently I have an SCM basis file from the Met Office (TOGA-COARE setup) as well as the necessary scm-stripping scripts_strip.pl6.1 and set_run). I have tried configuring the Met-Office basis file to work on HPCx but not with much luck yet (am new to UM/HPCx), and therefore thought it may be easier to look at an already existant HPCX-ready basis file. If it helps I think the main problem I am facing is in regards getting the pathname correct for the executable, i.e. the final line in the run_xaefa script.

Hope I havent been overly confusing with this email. Any help would be much appreciated as would any other advice on running the UM in SCM format.

Thanks, Gerard

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