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#179 fixed 76 levels in HECToR willie oma

Dear All,

I'm trying to run the global model to generate LBCs for a 12 km run with 76 levels (as specified in the file vertlevs_2G3). I have this file in my directory


I have already been using it successfully in HECToR for 12 km runs. However, the global run fails sending the following error message

UM ERROR (Model aborting) :
Routine generating error: IntfCtl?
Error code: 20
Error message:
Vertical Levels Namelist file does not exist!

I have also tried the file in $UMDIR/vn6.1/ctldata/vert with exactly the same result.

Looking at the files in $UMDIR/vn6.1/ctldata/vert I noticed that the only difference between vertlevs_2G3 and the rest was the permission setting. I changed those in my own file but still it did not work.

Just as a test I am using the 38-level version (vertlevs_G3).

:( It finished while I was writing: It failed with the same error :(

Any idea on what the problem might be?



#1799 completed 8.2 UKV reconfiguration and run jobs on MONSooN (xkyib and c) ros fd001150

I'm having a couple of problems running my 8.2 UKV reconfiguration and run jobs on MONSooN (xkyib and c).

When I submit I have the following message:

./REMCOMMS.36620: line 18: 5: Bad file descriptor ./REMCOMMS.36620: line 19: 5: Bad file descriptor

Which I get round by manually submitting stage_1_submit, is there another way round this?

Also when I run xkyib, I get the following error message: (note my reconfiguration and build steps run fine)

? Error in routine: UM_SETUP ? Error Code: 2 ? Error Message: READHIST: Read ERROR on history file for namelist NLCHISTG ? Error generated from processor: 0 ? This run generated 0 warnings

the full .leave file is located at /home/dflack/output/xkyib000.xkyib.d16032.t151629.leave

Any ideas on how to fix this?

#1587 answered 8.2 dump in 7.5 model reconfiguration job um_support chollow


I'm testing a 7.5 reconfiguration job (for a limited-area 12-km model) for Fadzil to see if it will work for him. However, it looks like the UM start dump I am using as my input file (which was reconfigured from an ECMWF grib2 file with a special set of scripts) is version 8.2 (I assume this from the rcf. leave job, I've copied some output below). This may be why my reconfiguration is failing, although there is a more specific complaint in the leave file.

The job is xlned on ARCHER

The output file is: /home/n02/n02/chollow/output/xlned000.xlned.d15159.t182008.rcf.leave

The error is:

66 Rank 138 [Mon Jun 8 20:33:55 2015] [c3-1c0s13n3] application called MPI_Abort(MPI_COMM_WORLD, 9) - process 138

67 Rank 120 [Mon Jun 8 20:33:55 2015] [c3-1c0s13n3] application called MPI_Abort(MPI_COMM_WORLD, 9) - process 120 68 Error Code:- 2 69 Error Message:- Cant find required STASH item 376 section 0 model 1 in STASHmaster 70 Error generated from processor 0

I looked up this stash item (in an 8.2 job) and it is: SNOW DEPTH ON GROUND IN TILES (M)

There are a few related ones, 377-386, which are also related to snow which I don't think are in version 7.5 (or at least not all of them).

Is there a way around this? Or is it never advisable to have your input dump be from a later model version?

Thanks, Chris

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