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#365 fixed 4km job won't run grenville anmcr


I modified the standard UK 4km 100x100x38 to run over a section of Antarctica. I seem to be able to reconfigure my start dump, but I can't get the model run to take place. Unfortunately there is little information from the .leave file. To keep the run simple I only reconfigured the orography and land-sea mask ancillaries. All other ancillaries were set to 'not used'. I would be very grateful if someone could please have a look. The job id is xdvhs. My username on hector is anmcr.



#136 fixed 500m run - faulty output lois jmarsham

I now have a 500m run (xcuxg) which uses ancillaries from Pete Clark and BCs from a 1.5 km run (xcuxf). Diagnsotics from xcuxf look OK. Diagnostics at t=0 from xcuxg look ok, others are rubbish. Any idea what I have done wrong please? Thanks, John

PS: This supercedes a ticket I thought I created (but didn't?) about failure of a 500m run (which I can't find).

#168 fixed 6 hourly FAMOUS output variables are separated into several ones jeff m.yoshioka@…

6 hourly FAMOUS output variables should have 120 time steps in a monthly output file like var(120). But each of those variables is actually stored in several different variables like var(60), var_1(30), var_2(26), var_3(3), and var_4(1). This is how it looks in a converted NetCDF file. In original files viewed with xconv the same variables are simply repeated and they have timesteps of 60, 30, …. This happened in the pj files of my job tcmis:

I wrote an IDL script to connect these variables into one and output a fixed NetCDF file, so I'm Ok with working with it for now. But this may be a problem when I run simulations where I will have to use many of these data. But before that this is not the way it should work. So I ask for a help for this issue.

Thanks. Masaru

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