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#1413 answered Number of MPI tasks per node? um_support swr04ojb


am I correct in thinking that the recent upgrade to ARCHER moved the available MPI tasks per node from 12 to 24? I recently had to use the ARCHER compute costing calculator (for an nhpc) and I noted that it was cost-inefficient to only partially use nodes. Given that, should I be changing my HadGEM3 jobs from 12 MPI tasks per node to 24 MPI tasks per node? Are there (scientific) consequences for such a change?

kind regards,


#1415 answered Adapting a UM job from the Met Office to run on ARCHER um_support swr04ojb

Hello (cc Massimo),

I am helping Massimo in his attempts to port UM job aihsu to ARCHER, to be run with some updated ancillaries. (aihsu was originally run by Nikos Christidis of the Met Office on the M.O. machine). I have seen your page about converting jobs from MONSooN..

and was wondering if there was anything extra we would need to do for jobs from the Met Office?

kind regards,


#1416 answered problem with duplicated variables in dumps from UKCA run luke s1251469


I am running UKCA vn8.4 and outputting tropospheric Ox budget diagnostics.

I have run 2 jobs which are almost identical (xkleg and xkria). The latter of these has started outputting the chemistry fluxes twice in the dump: once, on the UKCA timestep, and once on the model timestep. This causes problems in the climate meaning files as it seems to then put both in the same variable i.e. the number of vertical levels doubles with the lower set being the correct UKCA timestep fluxes and the upper set being the incorrect model timestep fluxes.

The start dumps are different but neither start dump has duplicated OX budget diagnostics. My branch is the same in both runs. The only branch that I see could have changed is the ncas branch but looking at the log it has not been edited since july 2013. both of my runs have been made in the last couple of months. The STASH diagnostics for the OX budget are the same with the same domains.

In xkria I turned on coupling of chemistry to the radiation scheme but I have also done a run (xkrix) without coupling and the same problem arose. I have altered which climate means are archived in xkrix - I don't see why this should matter.

Output from the jobs are at /home/n02/n02/s1251469/rdf/

Perhaps someone could explain to me how the dump output is determined?

many thanks, Declan

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