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#2953 fixed Atmos-only UKESM ocean ancils um_support ChrisWells


I'm trying to run atmos-only UKESM, to match a coupled run I've done, to do ERF calculations. So I need to run the model with prescribed SSTs and sea ice (and anything else which is needed), output from my coupled simulations.

I copied suite u-be303 at 116849 (is this the right suite for me to use?), and am looking to see where to change SSTs. I can see in rose-app.conf it refers to 2 files (sst and sea ice) in /projects/ancils/cmip6/ancils/n96e/timeseries_1870-2016/SstSeaIce . These files are anc files which I don't know how to read, and I need to use output from a coupled UKESM run instead. So my issues are:

-is that AMIP UKESM suite the right one to use?

-are these files the relevant ones, or does the model take the ocean from somewhere else/also?

-how can I replace the ocean files with output from one of my coupled UKESM runs? Do I use the ida.file and oda.files?

Many thanks for help with this.

Cheers, Chris

#2970 fixed Adjusting Decomposition um_support ChrisWells


I'm trying to turn the ocean off in a UKESM run (u-bl128), but when I switch off the coupler I get the message

UM started on     690 PEs but     576 asked for. Please adjust decomposition

I think this is because in Domain Decomposition, the atmosphere is 32*18 = 576 , and ocean is 9*12 = 108, plus 6 for the coupler is 114, making 690 total.

So I guess the model is still trying to model the ocean, as I've only turned the coupler off, but is only requesting enough processors for the atmosphere. Turning off Build Ocean doesn't fix this.

Do you know how I can make the model run without the ocean? I've also given it sst and sea ice ancil files, plus dms and chlorophyll (from AMIP for now).

I'm not sure if this is a specific UKESM question or can be answered generally so I've left it untagged.

Cheers, Chris

#2971 fixed AINITIAL issue from UKESM coupled to atmos-only um_support ChrisWells


I tried to run the AMIP UKESM suite with an AINITIAL file of my own, output from a UKESM run. I turned off dynamic vegetation in my coupled run, and that seems to cause problems for the atmos-only model. when I compare my AINITIAL file (/home/d00/chwel/expts/cmip6/ensembles/bh765a.da21500101_00) with the defaul AMIP one (/projects/ukesm/jwalton/startdumps/u-az513/az513a.da19790101_00) in xconv I can see the default one has ~200 more variables in, seemingly all related to the vegetation scheme in some way.

Is there some way for me to get the suite to accept my AINITIAL file? The veg scheme is already off in the AMIP suite.

Cheers, Chris

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