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#3267 fixed Permission Denied CEDA-JASMIN pmcguire NoelClancy

generated new key pair as per instructions in email updated the key on JASMIN portal Can't do final part, believe its something to do with a cached passphrase

#3266 answered Availability of year-specific UM/NEMO start dumps um_support mk1812

Hi, I'm trying to find out about data availability for year-specific UM/NEMO start dumps based on observations/re-analysis, and I'm hoping you can help or put me in touch with someone who will know.

We are looking to do some fully coupled simulations with UKESM1 or HadGEM3-GC3, where we initialise the coupled model with an initial state that closely matches the actual real-world conditions for a particular year. Particularly for the ocean, it will be important that we initialise the model with the actual ENSO, NAO phase, heat content distribution, etc. for the particular years we look at, so that the evolution of the model climate in the subsequent seasons is similar to the observed conditions that occurred during that year (we're interested mainly in data for the last 10 years or so where we have corresponding observations of certain large pollution events, the impact of which we want to investigate on seasonal climate).

So, what I was hoping to find out is: are there data available of realistic year-specific model initial states/restart dumps, particularly for the ocean state? E.g. maybe from the Met Office’s seasonal forecasting runs or analyses, which presumably must also be initialised with a reasonably accurate ocean state for the same reasons?

Many thanks for any help you can give pointing me in the right direction!

Best, Matt

#3264 fixed MOSRS account for user swsdong grenville swsdong

Dear Sir/Madam?

I will try to setup some UM runs with UM10.x version. I greatly appreciate if you can arrange an account on the Met Office shared repository service (MOSRS) for me. Thanks a lot.

Buwen Dong

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