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#266 fixed UM Start file willie eelgc


I would like to request a global start file for 0000UTC on the 17/08/2006. If it would be possible to have a few around that time (the closest one before that for example) that would be great too!



#267 fixed Grid co-location and regridding of UM diagnostic variables willie bethan.white

I have some UM data which I wish to plot, and am currently trying to re-grid the variables before I do so. I understand that each of the prognostic variables is co-located with the one of the primary variables. However, I cannot find any information in the UM documentation (paper no. 15) as to the co-location of the diagnostic variables (such as orography, boundary layer depth etc). Do these have a common location?

Also, is there a standard way to re-grid the variables? I have been attempting to re-grid everything onto the Exner grid, but this may not be the best approach.

Thanks, Bethan.

#268 fixed Error opening PP files and with byteswapping willie bethan.white

I have PP output from a UM job (xdsvt) which I have copied from Hector to my local machine at Leeds. I was able to open all of the the files using xconv on Hector, but I am no longer able to open some of the files now I have copied them across. Also, I have noticed that the files which I can open are already byteswapped (.pp0 and .pp5) while the files which I cannot open are not byteswapped - and byteswapping does not solve the problem. Is there any reason as to why I can open some but not all files, and why some files seem to have been produced byteswapped, but others not? It seems like very odd behaviour and I am not sure how to address the problem.

Thanks, Bethan.

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