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#1716 fixed vn7.3 AO CICE headers on Monsoon annette dcw32


I'm currently using the vn7.3 AO coupled to stratospheric chemistry on Monsoon. I was hoping to get some help with the CICE headers. I've managed to get the modify_CICE_header.f90 to compile with the intel compiler using the '-convert big_endian' option, it runs and seems to create the file with the modified header. However running with this file then comes up with an error:

lib-4001 : UNRECOVERABLE library error
  A READ operation tried to read past the end-of-file.

Encountered during a sequential unformatted READ from unit 15
Fortran unit 15 is connected to a sequential unformatted  file:
Application 192713 is crashing. ATP analysis proceeding...

This was model run xlzex (leave file at ~dawad/output/xlzex000.xlzex.d15307.t073202.leave, modify_CICE_header at ~dawad and input files xlzeyi.restart.2829-01-01-00000 and xlzeyi.restart.2829-01-01-00000_reset, with the modified headers at /projects/ukca-cam/dawad/start_dumps). I chmod +rx ed my home and project directories.

Any help to get this working would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,


#347 fixed vn6.1 atmosphere doesn't integrate for more than a month or so jeff agt

Dear all,

I'm trying to run UM version 6.1 on hector. My job is xenkb (which is derived closely from xczia). This run is not trying to do anything special, just 5 years, 1 month at a time, on 8x8 cores. I have added in the $PUM_61/hector_io.mf77 mod as I read on another ticket that this helped. I have not managed to get beyond two or three months however.

Somewhere in the leave file there is "qsresubmit: job not resubmitted due to NQS error".

The latest leave file is located in ~agt/um/umui_out/xenkb000.xenkb.d09322.t104944.leave and other output in ~agt/work/xenkb/

Am I basing this on the correct example job?

In my profile I have: TARGET_MC=pathscale_quad and UMSETUP=$UMDIR/vn6.1/$TARGET_MC/scripts/.umsetvars_6.1; export UMSETUP

Any advice is appreciated, thanks,


#68 fixed vn4.5 speed with new compiler? jeff iamack@…

Hello, It appears that my vn4.5 UM (plus stochem) runs compiled with the new version 10.1 fortran compiler and its default options are requiring about five times as many CPU seconds per day as with the old compiler and its default options. Is this possible? If so, can I choose different compile options which will restore the original speed at the expense of bit reproducibility?

Regards, Ian

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