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#10 fixed queues for running the UM on HPCx lois D.J.Lunt@…

I am in the process of running my first UM job on hpcx. Things seem to be going ok at the moment (thanks to help from John Hughes here at Bristol), but I am wondering about the queue system.

For a start, I'm not sure about the difference between development, capacity and capability queues. Ultimately, I will be running 32 processors (say) for several months. I realise I will have to resubmit (do you have any scripts which do this automatically? Paul had some for newton but I'm not sure how transferable they are). It looks like the 'development' queue would be best for this, but i don't seem to have access to that (I am running with 'tic' code n02-bas, and asked for 32 processors for 12 hours but it said it couldn't find a suitable queue so I guess that I can't submit to the development queue).

Secondly, do you have an idea what the optimum number of processes for a HadCM3L job is? I have inherited 8*4 (lon*lat) from John Hughes, but was wondering if you have a handle on the 'best' setup.

thanks a lot, Dan

Dan Lunt Tel: +44 (0) 117 928 8186 School of Geographical Sciences University of Bristol d.j.lunt@… University Road Bristol BS8 1SS

#1790 fixed SCM um_support DanielSmith

Dear CMS team,

I am attempting torun the example SCM job ( My copy is xmgmf. I follow the instruction through until building the model using fcm build at which point I receive the following error; Error: Unable to find PE_LIBSCI libraries compatible with the 'ivybridge' target fcm_internal compile failed (256)

I edited the bld.cfg file in this directory /home/n02/n02/dansmith/um/xmgmf/umatmos/cfg using the example /home/n02/n02/grenvill/um/xlmjb/umatmos/cfg/bld.cfg.

I can't find the error. Is the source within the bld.cfg file or somewhere else?

Kind Regards, Dan

#1808 answered Automatically create SCM namelist? um_support DanielSmith

Dear CMS team,

I am currently in the process of running my own experiments with the SCM and I have observational data I want to use as the initial condition and for large scale forcing. Is there a way of automatically creating the SCM namelist with these profiles or is it normal to hand edit a preexisting namelist with the new forcing data?

Kind regards,


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