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#1827 fixed A job xmbqc no longer runs (20160309) ros markr

This job worked yesterday, I realise some work has been happening "at risk " today and I have had variation in compile fails for this job.

An incremental build could nort find ".mod" files so when I deleted it all and started it fresh I got the MPL error that Graham and Hana get.

Is this to do with file system incompatibility?


#34 fixed A limited area UM - GCR failing to converge cwang g.n.petersen@…

I'm trying out a new domain for limited area runs. My domain cuts off over Greenland at about 75N, i.e. northward of the highest point. I am aware that there might be some problems related to the domain cutting so close to a high topography but I am trying to get away with as small a domain as possible.

I've run the domain for 48 hours from 2007022100.T+0, successfully it seems. However, I do notice that the print out, the .leave-file, it sometimes state that GCR(2) didn't converge in 100 iterations (see example below). Is this something I should worry about? Is there any other signs that would indicate that my domain is not going to be stable?



Guðrún Nína Petersen School of Environmental Sciences University of East Anglia Norwich UK

Atm_Step: Timestep 567

============================================== initial Absolute Norm : 125.612195380694629 GCR( 2 ) failed to converge in 100 iterations. Final Absolute Norm : 0.203639047256079378E-02 ==============================================

Atm_Step: Timestep 568

============================================== initial Absolute Norm : 111.875809294637946 GCR( 2 ) failed to converge in 100 iterations. Final Absolute Norm : 0.166298962887963210E-02

#483 fixed A run on the NAE domain with 76 levels lois oma

Dear All,

I'm trying to run a simulation using vn7.1 on the NAE domain. The main difference with the standard job is that I want to run the model with 76 vertical levels. The global and standard 38 level NAE simulations have run without problem. However, the new setup produced the following error:

[0] MPICH PtlEQPoll error (PTL_EQ_DROPPED): An event was dropped on the OTHER EQ handle.  
Try increasing the value of env var MPICH_PTL_OTHER_EVENTS (cur size is 2048).
aborting job:
PtlEQPoll/PtlEQGet error
[NID 15643] 2010-08-24 17:21:35 Apid 2156714: initiated application termination
diff: /work/n02/n02/oma/tmp/tmp.nid00004.28187/xffzd.xhist: No such file or directory
qsexecute: Copying /work/n02/n02/oma/xffzd/xffzd.thist to backup thist file /work/n02/n02/oma/xffzd/xffzd.thist_keep
xffzd: Run failed

Would you have an idea on what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advance,


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