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#3504 answered Create N1280 CCI land cover ancillary on MONSOON um_support mtodt


I'm trying to create ancillary qrparm.veg.frac derived from CCI data on MONSOON and have a suite that should be set up to do that. However, my target resolution is N1280 and step ancilMask fails with the following error message:

Attempting to open file 	 /projects/um1/ancil/atmos/master/fracmask/n1280e/orca025_go6/v1/qrparm.fracmask_n1280e_orca025_go6_ns                                                                                                                                                           

Directory /projects/um1/ancil/atmos/master/fracmask/ only contains subdirectories for resolutions N48 to N512. I searched on MONSOON and ARCHER2, but I couldn't find qrparm.fracmask_n1280e_orca025_go6_ns. Is there a way to create that file myself as a step in my ANTS suite?

Many thanks in advance! Markus

#3503 worksforme Running ANTS suite on MONSOON um_support mtodt


I'm trying to run an ANTS suite on MONSOON (u-cd393), which is a copy of a previously working suite, but I get the following message in job.err:

+ scp mtodt@xcslc0:/home/d00/mtodt/cylc-run/u-cd393/log/rose-suite-run.version /home/d00/mtodt/cylc-run/u-cd393/log/job/1/ancilMask/01
Warning: Permanently added 'xcslc0,' (ECDSA) to the list of known hosts.
Permission denied, please try again.
Permission denied, please try again.
Permission denied (publickey,password,keyboard-interactive,hostbased).
[FAIL] AncilScr_RoseMask # return-code=1
2021-03-29T14:29:07Z CRITICAL - failed/EXIT

When I enter the scp command manually, I get no such message and it works. I am already running the suite on xcslc0, though, so should I run it somewhere else? Or do I need to change something in my .ssh directory? Many thanks in advance!

Best Markus

#3502 answered UM-UKCA run failed on ARCHER2 um_support emxin

Hi there,

I believed I have followed up the latest instruction to update the UKCA model (v7.3). When I tried to run it on ARCHER2 (using umui), it failed on "fcm_internal compile" (build failed), see error shown below. Please help.

… Generated cfg: /work/n02/n02/emxin/um/xpcka/ummodel/.cache/.bld/.config_dep /work/n02/n02/emxin/um/xpcka/ummodel/Makefile: updated →Scan dependency: 36 seconds →Generate Fortran interface: start →Generate Fortran interface: 0 second →Make: start cd /work/n02/n02/emxin/um/xpcka/ummodel # Start: 2021-03-24 00:36:40⇒ gmake -f /work/n02/n02/emxin/um/xpcka/ummodel/Makefile -j 1 all touch /work/n02/n02/emxin/um/xpcka/ummodel/flags/FFLAGSUM.flags touch /work/n02/n02/emxin/um/xpcka/ummodel/flags/FFLAGSUMcontrol.flags touch /work/n02/n02/emxin/um/xpcka/ummodel/flags/FFLAGSUMcontroltop_level.flags touch /work/n02/n02/emxin/um/xpcka/ummodel/flags/FFLAGSUMcontroltop_levelflumeMain.flags touch /work/n02/n02/emxin/um/xpcka/ummodel/flags/FFLAGSUMcontroltop_levelflumerun.flags fcm_internal compile:F UMcontroltop_level /work/n02/n02/emxin/um/xpcka/ummodel/ppsrc/UM/control/top_level/flumerun.f90 flumerun.o cd /work/n02/n02/emxin/um/xpcka/ummodel/tmp # Start: 2021-03-24 00:36:41⇒ ftn -o flumerun.o -I/work/n02/n02/emxin/um/xpcka/ummodel/inc -I/work/n02/n02/emxin/um/xpcka/umbase/inc -e m -h noomp -s real64 -s integer64 -hflex_mp=intolerant -I /work/n02/n02/hum/gcom/cce/gcom3.8/hector_cce_mpp/inc -c /work/n02/n02/emxin/um/xpcka/ummodel/ppsrc/UM/control/top_level/flumerun.f90

ftn-100 crayftn: ERROR $MAIN, File = ../../../lus/cls01095/work/n02/n02/emxin/um/xpcka/ummodel/ppsrc/UM/control/top_level/flumerun.f90, Line = 1, Column = 1

This statement must begin with a label, a keyword, or an identifier.

ftn-293 crayftn: ERROR $MAIN, File = ../../../lus/cls01095/work/n02/n02/emxin/um/xpcka/ummodel/ppsrc/UM/control/top_level/flumerun.f90, Line = 1, Column = 1

This unnamed main program unit is missing an END statement.

ftn-16 crayftn: ERROR FLUMERUN, File = ../../../lus/cls01095/work/n02/n02/emxin/um/xpcka/ummodel/ppsrc/UM/control/top_level/flumerun.f90, Line = 54, Column = 3

The PUBLIC statement is not allowed in a main program unit.

ftn-289 crayftn: ERROR FLUMERUN, File = ../../../lus/cls01095/work/n02/n02/emxin/um/xpcka/ummodel/ppsrc/UM/control/top_level/flumerun.f90, Line = 58, Column = 1

This END MODULE statement has no matching MODULE statement.

Cray Fortran : Version 10.0.4 (20200915194113_fb520efc059185c9fadb4513171ab09002b05033) Cray Fortran : Compile time: 0.0904 seconds Cray Fortran : 58 source lines Cray Fortran : 42 errors, 0 warnings, 0 other messages, 0 ansi Cray Fortran : "explain ftn-message number" gives more information about each message. fcm_internal compile failed (256) # Time taken: 0 s⇒ ftn -o flumerun.o -I/work/n02/n02/emxin/um/xpcka/ummodel/inc -I/work/n02/n02/emxin/um/xpcka/umbase/inc -e m -h noomp -s real64 -s integer64 -hflex_mp=intolerant -I /work/n02/n02/hum/gcom/cce/gcom3.8/hector_cce_mpp/inc -c /work/n02/n02/emxin/um/xpcka/ummodel/ppsrc/UM/control/top_level/flumerun.f90 gmake: * flumerun.o Error 1 # Time taken: 1 s⇒ gmake -f /work/n02/n02/emxin/um/xpcka/ummodel/Makefile -j 1 all gmake -f /work/n02/n02/emxin/um/xpcka/ummodel/Makefile -j 1 all failed (2) at /lus/cls01095/work/y07/shared/umshared/software/fcm-2017.10.0/bin/../lib/FCM1/ line 611. cd /lus/cls01095/work/n02/n02/emxin Build failed on Wed Mar 24 00:36:41 2021. →Make: 1 second →TOTAL: 80 seconds Model build: failed

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