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#3253 answered cylc gscan pmcguire NoelClancy

Hi Patrick,

Do you know why cylc gscan is not working now. Also the global suite of mine, u-bt273 and u-bt558 are running through spin-up but are paused or still submitted between spin-up cycles at the moment

Is this due to scheduled maintenance or unrelated, do you know?


#3252 fixed Xancil overwrites pseudo_level tile IDs um_support mtodt


I'm currently trying to run a Met UM suite with 9 PFTs, for which I've got new netcdf ancillary files. The configuration of tile IDs for this 9-PFT setup is as follows: 102 103 101 202 201 3 4 502 501 6 7 8 9

This is prescribed in pseudo_levels, however, when I convert the netcdf file with xancil pseudo_levels in the resulting file contains consecutive indices: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

Why does xancil overwrite my tile IDs? How can I stop it from doing so? I've seen a ticket ( with a similar error where a local xancil version was created on MONSOON. Would it be possible to get that version on ARCHER? Thanks a lot for your help!

Cheers Markus

#3250 fixed pptransfer does not show on Gcylc ros yb19052

Hello CMS,

I run a suite (u-bp881) and it worked for the last 10 model years. But, the suite does not run and the status is "waiting" in the "housekeeping" on Gcylc because the "pptransfer" in the same year (18600701T000Z) does not show.

Here I have questions? How do I put the "pptransfer" task alone on the specific model year (18600701T000Z)? Otherwise, should I rerun the suite from the previous year or from the first year? if I do so, how do I implement it?

I appreciate your kind cooperation.

Thanks Kenji

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