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#270 fixed Stashcode query willie mx020105

Dear helpdesk,

I have recently started using the UM version 6.1 and have tried to add in stashcodes 1232 and 2232 (SW and LW heating rates respectively) to my dumps but when I look in my output files for the run they have not been included as output in any of the different file types (i.e. *.pm, *.pc, *.pa etc).

The current settings I have these stashcodes set on are as follows; Time - TDMPMN, Domain - DALLTH, Usage - UPMEAN, Include - Y, Package - B, Available -Yes.

If you could please tell me either what the correct settings are for these stashcodes or where abouts I can find them in my output I would be most grateful.

Sorry if the answers rather obvious but I'm a UM novice!

Thanks and regards, Amanda Maycock

#271 fixed Provide ECMWF data for Dan Peake willie willie

Every six hours from 13/07/04 to 08/08/024

Roughly 76Gbytes.

#274 fixed job does not compile anymore willie sws07sib


The job xeaib on hector, which used to compile during the last couple of months without any problems, does not compile anymore. The error message is the following: /var/spool/PBS/mom_priv/jobs/284059.sdb.SC[300]: .: line 165: 20943: Memory fault updscripts: Failed to run mkobjxref updscripts: Output from mkobjxref:

Do you have any idea what has changed?

Many thanks,


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