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#1647 fixed has NEMO3.4 been installed on the XCM? annette till

Dear CMS Team, I am migrating my UKESM experiments from the old MONSooN to the XCM. Trial with N96 AMIP is ongoing (xltwa). My question is: has NEMO3.4 been installed already on the XCM? If so, I could use it for my coupled N96-ORCA1 jobs (example: xllfk). Thank you!

#1663 fixed NEMO base repository extract failed annette dilshadshawki

Hello helpdesk,

After making the changes in the UMUI to run a job on Cray for version 8.2, I get an error message in the Submission of job xkhqg:

MAIN_SCR: Calling Extract … Extracting UMATMOS base repository… UMATMOS base repository extract is OK Extracting JULES base repository… JULES base repository extract is OK Extracting NEMO base repository… NEMO base repository extract failed See extract output file /home/dilshadshawki/FCM_extracts/xkhqg/baserepos/NEMO/ext.out MAIN_SCR: Extract failed MAIN_SCR stopped with return code 1 Job submission failed

After checking the file ext.out in the puma directory, /home/dilshadshawki/FCM_extracts/xkhqg/baserepos/NEMO/ext.out as shown above, I have the following warning and [FAIL] message:

svn: warning: W170000: URL 'svn://puma/NEMOCICE_svn/NEMO/trunk/NEMOGCM/EXTERNAL/src' non-existent in rHevision 2138

svn: E200009: Could not display info for all targets because some targets don't exist # Time taken: 0 s⇒ svn info -r 2138 svn://puma/NEMOCICE_svn/NEMO/trunk/NEMOGCM/EXTERNAL/src@2138 [FAIL] svn info -r 2138 svn://puma/NEMOCICE_svn/NEMO/trunk/NEMOGCM/EXTERNAL/src@2138 failed (1) at /home/fcm/fcm-2015.05.0/bi ext.out lines 16-61/62 99%

It seems that it can't find the required file or directory in order to complete the extraction.

Your help would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks, Dilshad

#1667 answered Compilation error: undefined reference to other routines/scripts annette dilshadshawki

Hello Helpdesk,

I ran the job xkhqg and found an error in the .leave below the message:

'/projects/ukca-imp/dshawk/xkhqg/umatmos/ppsrc/UM/control/top_level/atm_step.f90:11034: undefined reference to `atmos_physics2 _'

/home/dshawk/output/xkhqg000.xkhqg.d15267.t143130.comp.leave line 37406

It seems to not be able to locate/compile the other routines that it needs to complete the compilation. Has this sort of thing occurred before?

Your help would be very much appreciated!

Best wishes, Dill

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