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#63 fixed Error in dump reconfiguration jeff h.luijting@…

I'm trying to run a case study using a start dump that Chang gave me - it's a reconfigured ECMWF start dump. I am running a copy of a run I did previously, same domain, same ancillary files etc - just for a different date.

The global run has no problems, but the reconfiguration crashes with this error message:

/hpcx/tmpchkpt/jtmp/l1f402.198027.0/tmp/modscr_xclng/qsexecute: Executing dump reconfiguration program /hpcx/devt/n02/n02-ncas/hanneke/xclng/xclng.reconf

* ERROR!!! in reconfiguration in routine Rcf_vertical Error Code:- 10 Error Message:- No interpolation, but data field sizes/levels are different! Error generated from processor 0 *

ERROR: 0031-250 task 0: Terminated /hpcx/tmpchkpt/jtmp/l1f402.198027.0/tmp/modscr_xclng/qsexecute: Error in dump reconfiguration - see OUTPUT *

Ending script : qsexecute Completion code : 9 Completion time : Thu Jun 28 14:30:18 BST 2007


Any idea what is going wrong here? The start dump is not in ECMWF grid format, it's an .astart file and it looks fine to me. It does have less variables than the start dump for the other case study but not sure this matters?

Cheers, Hanneke

#65 fixed Equilibrium Stable Boundary Layer Scheme jeff H.Luijting@…


I have been doing tests with the Equilibrium Stable Boundary Layer Scheme. In UMUI the help about this scheme says:

The new scheme ("Equilibrium stable boundary layer scheme") is at the developmental stage, and should only be selected by those users who specifically wish to test its performance against the old scheme. Before selecting the new SBL scheme, the user is encouraged to contact a member of the APP boundary layer group" who can provide up-to-date information on the scheme (modsets etc.), and to visit the section entitled "boundary layer mixing under stable conditions" on his home page (http://www-hc/~hadaw/home.html), where details and documentation on the new scheme can be obtained.

The link is not working and I can't find any information about this APP boundary layer group. I did find the documentation for this scheme under UM Documentation. Is there any more information available, and is this group still active/did they publish anything?

Thanks, Hanneke

#67 fixed skip_src_extract jeff jonathan

Setting SKIP_SRC_EXTRACT=true in my SUBMIT file doesn't appear to work (umui_jobs/xbdhu on puma). It still runs nupdate anyway. Have I made a silly mistake? I notice also that it doesn't do tar.gz of the compile directory (which is good because I don't like that!) although the SUBMIT file suggests it should, so maybe that is related.


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