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#1679 answered Debugging environment on MONSooN xcm annette philrosenberg

Hi Is there any form of debugging environment available on the MONSooN Cray xcm machine?

I found this information regarding Archer and wondered if is was possible to do the same with MONSooN, however, when trying to get an interactive session I got the following error: prosen@xcml00:~> qsub -q normal -IVl select=4,walltime=0:10:0 -A dacciwa qsub: standard input and output must be a terminal for

interactive job submission

Are interactive sessions not available on MONSooN?

#1680 answered Cannot find and copy a job from another user annette kingja


I'm trying to copy a job from another UMUI user. Having created a new experiment I go to 'search' → 'filter' and add the user to the list to view (see attached screenshot) but the list shown in the UMUI does not update. When I was shown how to do this on another computer (and on another user account) this worked so I don't think I am doing anything wrong.

Help would be much appreciated!

Thanks Jon

#1716 fixed vn7.3 AO CICE headers on Monsoon annette dcw32


I'm currently using the vn7.3 AO coupled to stratospheric chemistry on Monsoon. I was hoping to get some help with the CICE headers. I've managed to get the modify_CICE_header.f90 to compile with the intel compiler using the '-convert big_endian' option, it runs and seems to create the file with the modified header. However running with this file then comes up with an error:

lib-4001 : UNRECOVERABLE library error
  A READ operation tried to read past the end-of-file.

Encountered during a sequential unformatted READ from unit 15
Fortran unit 15 is connected to a sequential unformatted  file:
Application 192713 is crashing. ATP analysis proceeding...

This was model run xlzex (leave file at ~dawad/output/xlzex000.xlzex.d15307.t073202.leave, modify_CICE_header at ~dawad and input files xlzeyi.restart.2829-01-01-00000 and xlzeyi.restart.2829-01-01-00000_reset, with the modified headers at /projects/ukca-cam/dawad/start_dumps). I chmod +rx ed my home and project directories.

Any help to get this working would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,


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