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#1897 fixed ACUMPS Diagnostic error um_support ucfaako


I am trying get an continuation run to work (4 years in 1 month intervals). My model successfully runs for 1 month but when I switched from NRUN to CRUN it complained about an Diagnostic error in Section 0 Item 120 (see file_1.txt). It has been suggested in ticket #906 to switch the STASH Diagnostic off. But now I'm getting a similar error just with Section 30 Item 255 in my normal 1 month long simulation that worked just fine before (see file_2.txt). Should I just keep on with switching the STASH items off or is something else causing these problems?

Cheers, Alex

#1209 fixed ACUMPS error on MONSooN um_support swr04ojb


I'm running job xinhf as part of the LastMil? simulation. It was running along happily enough, but then fell over producing the following message…


UM ERROR (Model aborting) : Routine generating error: U_MODEL Error code: 4 Error message:

ACUMPS: Diagnostic error. See output for item no.

* gc_abort (Processor 0 ): ACUMPS: Diagnostic error. See output for item no.


Offset 0x00000010 in procedure xltrbk_ Offset 0x000000f8 in procedure gc_abort_, near line 180 in file /projects/um1/gcom/gcom3.5/meto_ibm_pwr6_mpp/ppsrc/gcom/gc/gc_abort.f Offset 0x0000033c in procedure ereport_, near line 384 in file /projects/lastmil/abozzo/xfkmj/ummodel/ppsrc/UM/control/misc/ereport.f90 Offset 0x00036868 in procedure u_model_, near line 6887 in file /projects/lastmil/abozzo/xfkmj/ummodel/ppsrc/UM/control/top_level/u_model.f90 Offset 0x0000230c in procedure um_shell, near line 4312 in file /projects/lastmil/abozzo/xfkmj/ummodel/ppsrc/UM/control/top_level/um_shell.f90 —- End of call chain —-

xinhf: Run failed *

From what I can tell ACUMPS is an partial sum aggregator for the dumps, but I'm not sure how to chase this error further? (I've attached the relevant .archive file, in case that helps)

kind regards,


#2974 answered ACUMPS: Diagnostic error um_support akpandeyjnu


I am running the suite u-bj506 (nudged UKCA11.0 with transient). It was running along happily enough but then fell over producing the following error message in the job.error file:

??!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!! ERROR ???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!! ? Error code: 4 ? Error from routine: U_MODEL_4A ? Error message: ACUMPS: Diagnostic error. See output for item no. ? Error from processor: 0 ? Error number: 40

The job.out file has the following error message:


ERROR: checksum failure in climate mean

The path of job.err and job.out file is: /home/n02/n02/alok/cylc-run/u-bj506/log/job/20150801T0000Z/atmos_main/09

I am unable to fix this error. Please help.

Regards, Alok

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