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#3258 fixed Analysing pp files on the RACC - python, iris, mo_pack um_support gn907779

Hi, I have been using a python script for converting pp files to netcdf. I have run this successfully on the met cluster for some time. I can't use the met cluster anymore. So I am trying to get this script to run on the RACC. When I use module load python2.7/canopy/2.1.8 the script goes the furthest and it complains that I require mo_pack to be installed. In order to run pip install Pawel told me to switch to "module load python2.7/anaconda/2018.12". pip install mo_pack gives "No matching distribution found for mo_pack" When I try the script again having loaded anaconda it doesn't get as far, saying "ImportError?: No module named iris.analysis". Hopefully there are people in Met processing UM files using python on the RACC. Where can I go for help? Thanks, Will

#3257 fixed creating ancil files from netcdf um_support EmmaHoward

Dear CMS,

I'm trying to produce a new ancillary file to initialise soil moisture in the nesting suite with instantaneous rather than climatological data, but I'm having some trouble.

My input soil moisture file is in netcdf format, which I've created using iris, at "/work/n02/n02/emmah/glosea/". I initially converted this to a fieldsfile using xancil (the generalised option). In my suite, I then changed the SMCIN environmental variable in the ancil_smcsnow app to this file and ran the app. In the log file, I got the error:

Attempting to open file /work/n02/n02/emmah/glosea/glosea_sm_20151201 Soil Moisture source grid details POINTS_LAMBDA_SRCE 360 POINTS_PHI_SRCE 180 POINTS_SRCE 64800 LAMBDA_ORIGIN_SRCE 0.5 PHI_ORIGIN_SRCE 89.5 DELTA_LAMBDA_SRCE 1. DELTA_PHI_SRCE 1. IGRID_SRCE 2 Dataset has 48 fields ERROR: SMC levels not as expected Dataset 4 Expected 4 Dataset 1 Expected 4

Some sleuthing revealed that my problem was with the fixed length header of the input fields file, which has the second dimension of the level dependent constants array equal to 1 rather than 4 in the file created by xancil. I can open the climatology soil moisture field with mule and see that it has a 4x4 level dependent constants array, and that my file has a 4x1 level dependent constants array.

Can you please advise me on how to change 4x1 array in my file to the required 4x4 array? I've tried naively to change these attributes in mule, but even running ff = mule.UMFile.from_file("glosea_sm_20151201_xancil") ff.to_file("glosea_sm_20151201_mule")

Outputs a file that is nonsense.

Could you please advise me on how to proceed?

Best wishes, Emma

#3256 fixed No hosts selected - MONSOON2 ros mvguarino


I am trying to run my first simulation on MONSOON2, suite u-bt694 username mvguar. When I launch the suite I get the following error:

[FAIL] bash -ec H=$(rose\ host-select\ xcs);\ echo\ $H # return-code=1, stderr=
[FAIL] [WARN] xcslr1: (timed out)
[FAIL] [WARN] xcslr0: (timed out)
[FAIL] [FAIL] No hosts selected.

Under Machine Options I selected 'xcs'.

The parent suite was run on the internal MO network.



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