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#289 fixed UM Tools to convert between pressure/height/model levels willie isssjp


A week or so ago I found a utility on the NCAS CMS web site that would allow to convert between pressure, height and model levels. I thought that the link was under "UM Tools" but I can no longer find it, anywhere. Can you please tell me where this link/utility is. I am already using NDdiag but want to convert some of the pressures into heights for other viewing utilities.

Thanks, Steven.

#292 fixed porting 6.1 UM job from Met Office to Hector? willie mjm

Hello We are trying to port a job to Hector from a basis file of a MetOffice? job.

(Our job is xedff, directly after loading the basis file.)

Is there any guidance available about how to port a MetOffice? job to Hector, please?

Thanks! Mike

#294 fixed Multi-level user ancillaries willie swr01hfd


I'm trying to reconfigure a job (xeamt) to include a multi-level user ancillary but am having problems. The job will perform the reconfiguration but the ancillary file included in the reconfigured .astart file only has 1 level (xeamt.astart). The steps I've followed to create this job are:

  1. Create a User STASHmaster file and insert in User-STASHmaster files, Diags, Progs & Ancills
  2. Setup user Ancillaries in initialisation of User Prognostics. The ancillary field is not to be updated so I've selected option 7 and attached the user ancillary in the the right hand column.

Any ideas why I don't get a 38 level field in my reconfigured start dump?

Cheers Helen

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