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#67 fixed skip_src_extract jeff jonathan

Setting SKIP_SRC_EXTRACT=true in my SUBMIT file doesn't appear to work (umui_jobs/xbdhu on puma). It still runs nupdate anyway. Have I made a silly mistake? I notice also that it doesn't do tar.gz of the compile directory (which is good because I don't like that!) although the SUBMIT file suggests it should, so maybe that is related.


#68 fixed vn4.5 speed with new compiler? jeff iamack@…

Hello, It appears that my vn4.5 UM (plus stochem) runs compiled with the new version 10.1 fortran compiler and its default options are requiring about five times as many CPU seconds per day as with the old compiler and its default options. Is this possible? If so, can I choose different compile options which will restore the original speed at the expense of bit reproducibility?

Regards, Ian

#69 fixed Empty .pe files jeff H.Luijting@…


I have problems with my run (xclni). It's a 12km run that creates boundary files for my 4 km run. It's a copy of a run that does work, only for a different case study (so starting from a different start dump).

The run compiles, starts running but then nothing happens. It crashes when the computation time (1h) is exceeded. I have had this problem before, but was then able to open the .pe0 file to see what was going wrong. This time all the .pe files are empty, the file size is zero.

How do I find out what's going wrong if none of the files contain data? Can someone have a look at my run and see what's going on? Thanks a lot!

I have attached the job basis file in case you need to have a look at it, and all directories on hpcx are accessible.


PS I had to turn Chang's hand edit off, as there is no RECONA file for this run ( I did the reconfiguration separately)

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