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#71 fixed modifications not inserted um_support sws06gl

Hi all,

I modified the subroutine REPLANCA with a few print/write(6,*) statements, but I checked unzipping and extracting recon_$RUNID.tar.gz and none of those gets actually in the compiled code (file rcf_replanca.f). In the original version of subroutine, there are other write(6,*) statements, that work fine.

To make sure the subroutine is called, I put a print statement right before the call, and it shows in the .leave file, and in the code (file rcf_ancil_atmos.F90, subruotine Rcf_Ancil_Atmos)

I also noticed that in the code online there are two versions of REPLANCA: and the latter seems to be the one actually compiled.

any idea what's happening?

cheers Giovanni

#72 fixed make a test NCAS Composition site in Joomla bouton bouton

make a test NCAS Composition site in Joomla to help them get a head start on moving from their old www site to the NCAS template

#73 fixed Using analysis increments to run forecast lois swr06eai

I am trying to run forecasts using the 24km NAE (which Chang-Gui Wang set up for me) using start dumps and analysis increment files produced for my project by the Met Office. I have found where to put the file path and file name of the start dumps in the UMUI, but how do I specify what and where the analysis increment files are in the UMUI?

Thanks Emma Irvine e.a.irvine@…

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