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#2075 fixed Increase PUMA space andy pmcjs


I have currently exceeded my PUMA quota of 1GB but I need everything that I currently have stored there (hand edits, a couple of branches I'm working on, rose suites etc). There's only one umui job in my um_extracts. Please could I have more space?

Thanks, Chris (username pmcjs)

#699 fixed Forgot to change NRUN, can I still continue? annette jchenery

I was doing a run of FAMOUS which aborted with a negative theta detection. I was given a modset to correct this and told to recompile and continue the run (as the fix shouldn't change the climate noticeably). I recompiled with the new modset but when I went to resubmit to continue the run I forgot the change NRUN to CRUN and it started a run at year 1. I have since tried to continue the original run (which had reached 880 years out of 1000) but it continues from the run started by the mistaken NRUN.

Is it possible to make it continue from the original run?

#788 fixed Problem to start running HadGEM3 annette demory


I took a copy of Pier Luigi's job (xgtwf) to make a 1-day test at N512 (in xgylb). I don't want to recompile, so I am using PL's executable. I get an error that I have never seen before:

sys-2 : UNRECOVERABLE error on system request

No such file or directory

Encountered during an OPEN of unit 6 Fortran unit 6 is not connected

I didn't manage to get more information than that, even from the core file. I looked into the code, and it seems that unit 6 might be the file "CONFIG" (from clfhist.h but I might be looking at the wrong file). Do you know what this is?

Best wishes,

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